The SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution is now available in the cloud and on premise. It enables manufacturers, service providers, and system operators to record data from technical facilities, analyze it, and integrate it in business processes for predictive maintenance.

The idea is simple: Real-time data from a machine or system – such as temperature, vibration, or rotation speed – is fed automatically into an analytics tool, which issues an alert as soon as defined thresholds are exceeded or certain patterns are identified. This idea can be extended further by linking the business processes directly with the insights from the machine sensor data. After all, if a machine is about to fail due to wear and tear on a component, a variety of other processes at a company are also affected, in addition to maintenance: logistics, sales, and even finances.

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service is now available in the cloud and on premise.

Linking Machine Alerts with Business Context

The Internet of Things and integration of sensor data with business processes enable companies to make the right decision in the event of problems. How much is the repair likely to cost? Have comparable problems occurred in the past? What are the potential risks of a temporary outage of the machine? Which orders depend on it? It is also possible to query the current spare parts situation in the warehouse and, when necessary, trigger an order. “The entire business context is available in the ERP system,” explains Achim Krüger, who is responsible for the Asset Management business area at SAP. As a result, the potential consequences of a production outage for a company become transparent.

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service: On-Premise and in the Cloud

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service helps companies to forecast the future state of a system and provide this information within the business context. This involves analyzing a combination of variables and initiating the appropriate activities as a result. The consequence could be “a maintenance notification – with a note to inspect or repair the device,” explains Krüger. SAP has offered SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service in the cloud for over a year now. As the result of a series of customer projects, a matching standard function is now also available on-premise, based on SAP HANA and SAP Predictive Analytics. Customer-specific extensions are possible for a wide variety of use cases. Krüger says, “This could involve the optimization of spare parts stores, for example, or improvements to the product design – entirely new approaches become feasible. Furthermore, we plan to integrate SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service tightly with the recently introduced SAP Asset Intelligence Network.”

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