Humanizing SAP’s Reach, Relevance, and Leadership

SAP fast facts help communicate the essence of SAP’s market leadership, illustrate our story, and humanize our reach and relevance to the world in a simple straightforward way.

This influential leadership position is accelerating at the speed of digital.

New Econometrics research conducted jointly between SAP and Oxford Economics (April 2016) investigated in depth the degree to which SAP technology was being used by small, medium, and large organizations across the world, in all private sector industries and regional basis. We then looked at the attribution of this use to revenue, to transactions, and ultimately to global private sector GDP.

This new research headlines the following:

SAP Now Touches 76 percent of the World’s Transaction Revenue (up from 74 percent in 2015)



We enable US$22 trillion in global consumer spending (up by 6 trillion in 2015) and up to 83% of business-to-business transaction revenue. These new findings demonstrate the high degree of trust that world’s leading organizations continue to place in SAP to execute and transform their business into the digital age.

SAP will officially launch this new fact base at SAPPHIRE NOW. You may have seen one of our key facts included the SAP and Apple partnership release. As part of our primary research, we have also updated several of the facts by presenting them by 60 second and hourly time slices.

Every 60 Seconds

  • SAP customers generate $74.2 million global GDP
  • SAP customers produce 12,600 kilograms of chocolate
  • SAP solutions touch 25 million mobile messages

Every 24 Hours

  • Concur solutions process 580,000 mobile expense receipt uploads
  • SAP Fieldglass solutions process 35,600 timesheets for external workers
  • The Ariba Network processes $724 million new sourcing opportunities



We first published fast facts in 2010 with 20 to 30 facts. Due to high demand and overwhelming success, fast facts have grown rapidly each year. We now have over 1,000 facts with plans to continue expansion. SAP fast facts cover all 25 of our industries, often covering popular industry sub-segments. We developed three categories of facts to meet the needs of all our stakeholders:

  • Global corporate fast facts: The most popular deck, with more than 40 of the most impactful corporate-level facts
  • New time-based fast facts: Highlight the magnitude of volume SAP solutions are used for or that our customers produce — every 60 seconds, 24 hours, etc.
  • New global GDP and transactions fast facts: Highlight the magnitude of global transaction volume SAP solutions are used for and the global public sector GDP our customers generate, including high-level industry sector and regional facts.