Instant Access, Instant Answers: Top Live Chats Streaming from SAPPHIRE NOW

Live streaming video is all the rage today. People expect — and often prefer — to experience events live online.

Think WhiteHouse.Gov/Live, where citizens participate in events large and small at the White House AS they happen. Instant access. Instant answers.

SAP is embracing live streaming video content in a big way for #SAPPHIRENOW in 2016.  We’ve teamed up with Facebook to leverage Facebook Live, the new  “video killer app for the enterprise,” according to There’s lots of live coverage from SAPPHIRE NOW this year, but this year’s twist is that Facebook now enables live streaming right from our Facebook pages. We’ll use it to bring you an “inside baseball” view of what’s happening on the show floor, from the people driving the sessions.

We’ve got a strong lineup of topics like cloud ERP, predictive analytics, digital transformation, small business solutions SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Anywhere, virtual reality, IoT, and augmented reality. Participants are customers, partners, influencers, startups, students, and SAP people will be sharing their point of view and responding to your questions within our Facebook pages’ comments section. The chats are short – only 10 to 30 minutes long.

Here’s my top 10 picks of live streaming video programming that will be available in our Chat Live series during SAPPHIRE NOW (there are over 60 in total).

Note: How does it work? “Like” the Facebook page hosting the chat, indicated by the links below and you’ll be notified when the chat begins, or just go to the page at the time given.

Tuesday, 5/17

  • Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and IT for the New CIO
    11:00-11:30 AM EDT
    Juergen Mueller, Global Head, Innovation Center Network, SAP, and influencers Michael Krigsman, Dion Hinchcliffe
  • The Fan Experience with Predictive Analytics
    2:00-2:30 PM EDT
    Kevin Dillon, Director of Sports Practice, Qualex (startup/SAP HANA customer), and Lelian Cestari, Director of SAP Practices
    SAP for Small Business
  • Mobilizing Enterprises with Caprizia, startup/SAP HANA customer
    3:10-3:20 PM EDT
    Aharon Weiner, Caprizia and Dana Gardner, Enterprise Analyst
  • What Can Internet of Things Do for Businesses/Enterprises (IoT and augmented reality)
    4:00-4:10 PM EDT
    Lisa Hu, Senior Vice President, Blippar (startup/SAP HANA customer), and influencer Maribel Lopez

Wednesday, 5/18

  • The SAP Opportunity for Small Business
    10:30-10:40 AM EDT
    Hernan Marino, COO, SAP Marketing
    SAP for Small Business
  • SAP BusinessByDesign: Delivering Multi-Tenant Cloud Solutions
    11:00-11:30 AM EDT
    Pradeep Nair, VP, SAP Labs India
    SAP for Small Business
  • Embrace the HR Cloud with Confidence
    1:45-2:00 PM EDT
    Luke Marson, Chief Cloud HCM Architect at Hula Partners
    SAP Success Factors
  • What’s Next for CIOs in the World of Digital Transformation: Top trends in enterprise technology from a CIO perspective
    2:40-3:00 PM EDT
    Thomas Saueressig, SAP CIO and Influencers Dion Hinchcliffe, Michael Krigsman

Thursday, 5/19

  • Cloud ERP: The Growth Engineer for Mid-Market Companies
    11:00 – 11:30 EDT
    Dr. Michael Schmitt, General Manager, SAP Business ByDesign
    SAP for Small Business
  • How Will HR Evolve by 2020?
    3:00-3:10 PM EDT
    Albert Pang, Apps Run the World
    SAP Success Factors

(Ok, I cheated, there are 11 listed. So many choices, too hard to choose.)

So you see, there’s a ton of substantive content being delivered in an innovative way with our Chat Live program on Facebook. Hope you’ll join us.

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This story originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.

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