Brooks Brothers, the iconic fashion brand, reveals how to thrive in today’s $22 trillion retail industry.

“We’re like poker buddies,” says Richard Buonomo about Mario Mirabella, his personal shopper at Brooks Brothers as he searches the shop for the right ‘brownish button.’

“He is very picky and fussy,” says Mario, a second-generation master tailor at the flagship store in New York. “But we make everything perfect. That’s what a personal shopper does. Richard has to be very happy when he leaves. He cannot have any doubts whatsoever about how he looks. That’s how you guarantee him coming back.”

This extraordinary level of customer engagement has helped Brooks Brothers, America’s longest-standing retailer, to evolve from a suit and tie brand to a lifestyle brand. Founded in 1818, Brooks Brothers has dressed 39 US presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama on Inauguration Day.

Watch the video to learn how going digital enabled the company to master the fine art of personalized, white glove service online and in the store. Sahal Laher, EVP & CIO Brooks Brothers, and Greg McStravick, GM and Global Head of Platform GTM at SAP, discuss the tools and tactics of surviving and thriving in the high pressure world of fashion retail.


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