SAP Unveils New Technology for German National Football Team Ahead of European Championship


SAP and the German National Football Team (DFB) unveiled new prototype technologies and enhancements to existing tools designed to help the team train and prepare for opponents and upcoming matches like never before during the European Championship.

Continuing a co-innovation partnership that began in 2013 and led up to the team’s victory at Football World Championship in 2014,  SAP helped DFB create a game plan for the Euro Cup, which included the development of two new prototype technologies exclusively for DFB and powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform:

SAP Challenger Insightshelps the team prepare for each of their European Championship matches by providing data driven insights surrounding an opponent’s offensive and defensive tendencies, formations, and more. Accessed through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, coaches can review the opposing team’s tactical characteristics and create an assumed match plan. The data is available through iPads that DFB players have in their lockers prior to a match or during halftime and delivers the assumed game plan of the opposing team so the team can familiarize themselves with opponent tendencies and reference past video replays.

Penalty Insights Function in SAP Sports One – a new functionality, powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, provides goalkeepers and goalkeeping coaches with insights into the tactical behavior related to penalty kicks of all teams and players competing in the tournament. The team can search the top five or more players most likely to take penalty kicks, the areas of the goal they usually aim at, specific shot characteristics such as the player’s run, and also watch corresponding video clips in real time.

Additionally, building off the success of the Football World Championships in 2014, SAP made extensive enhancements to previously released technologies that played a significant role in the German National Team’s success resulting in their 4th Championship.

      • For the European Championship, Match Insights, which is a standard functionality of the SAP Sports One solution, now features a new dashboard for easy access to past DFB games and matches against upcoming opponents. It also includes an improved UI and integration to the SAP Team One App to share single sequences among DFB players, and connection with a central media cloud library.
      • The SAP Team One App, which also is part of the SAP Sports One solution, was enhanced to allow DFB players to share videos and images, facilitate internal team communications, and participate in individual chat rooms – whether that’s between trainers, a 1:1 conversation between a DFB coach and player or discussions between the entire defensive unit.

Watch the press conference replay of the German National Football Team and SAP: https://broadcast.co.sap.com/replay/160609_dfbeng

Picture: © SAP SE / Markus Gilliar