SAP today celebrates the one-year anniversary of the release of SAP Sports One, the first sports-specific cloud solution powered by the SAP HANA platform.

SAP Sports One provides a single unified platform to manage teams and players efficiently as well as handles analytical insights for performance optimization. The solution was well-received in its first year, with adoption by the German National Football Team (DFB), FC Bayern Munich, TSG Hoffenheim, FC Nuremberg, and Xolos de Tijuana, all of whom are co-innovating with SAP to create this next evolution of solutions for football teams.

SAP customers continue to reap benefits of sports-specific solution as two new functionalities are released

“SAP had a clear vision when it entered into the world of Sports and Entertainment. It centered on bringing four decades of rich-industry best practices and experience from all over the world into the dynamic and exciting world of Sports,” said Stefan Wagner, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Sports and Entertainment at SAP. “Today, we celebrate this important milestone and remain steadfast in our mission to ensure success for our customers and partners on the pitch and within their organization.”

The best teams in the world are using SAP

SAP Sports One was born out of a partnership between SAP and the DFB. After the DFB’s victory at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, SAP was called the team’s “12th Man” by the Wall Street Journal and credited as a major contributor to the win. The experience prompted SAP to expand the SAP Sports One scope and functionality and release it as a single product for sports teams, with the first iteration tailored for football. Current functionalities include Team Management, Training Planning, Player Fitness, Performance Insights, Scouting, and the recently released penalty insights function and SAP Challenger Insights.

The DFB have continued to leverage SAP Sports One since the 2014 World Cup. Earlier this month, the Penalty Insights function in SAP Sports One received media attention after the DFB defeated Italy in penalty kicks during the quarterfinal round of the 2016 European Championship. The tool provides goalkeepers and goalkeeping coaches with insights into the tactical behavior related to penalty kicks of all teams and players competing in a tournament. The DFB have also used the SAP Challenger Insights tool to gain a competitive edge throughout the tournament. SAP Challenger Insights provides information on an opposing team’s characteristics, such as their offensive and defensive tendencies and their formations.

Teams outside of Europe, in the U.S. and throughout the Americas, are also starting to realize the value of SAP Sports One. Mexican-based Xolos de Tijuana is one such team. “The best teams in the world are using SAP,” said Ignacio Palou, Xolos de Tijuana Sporting Director. “The SAP Sports One solution will take us to the next level competitively and organizationally.”

SAP plans to roll out SAP Sports One for other sports, including ice hockey, in the coming months.

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