SAP has retired the S-user self-registration. The S-user ID is a unique number that SAP uses for identification of customers, especially those who want to use support services and applications through the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

Why has the self-service been retired?

S-user self-registration was introduced 15 years ago when all SAP offerings for customers, including information offerings, required logon to the SAP Service Marketplace legacy site. The S-user ID obtained through the self-registration process allowed customers to access information. However, having such an ID was not sufficient to use support tools, e.g. report incidents, download or activate software.Today, content is not gated anymore: Visitors can browse the SAP Support Portal without signing in. In the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, which houses the support applications, S-users still need to login to use these tools.In other words, in today’s world the S-user ID obtained through the self-service is not required in the portal, and not sufficient in the launchpad. SAP therefore decided to retire it and hand back full control of all user-related matters to our customers’ user administrators.

How do you get an S-user ID?

Please contact a user administrator in your company. If required, an SAP Local Support Center can assist you in identifying one of them. These administrators can not only provide you with an S-user ID; they can also grant all permissions that are a prerequisite to enter a particular support application. This concept is extremely flexible and allows customers to model different requirements and hierarchies. For security reasons, and in order not to interfere with your company’s business processes, SAP refrains from assigning any authorizations to S-user IDs.