The NHL Connects Fans to the Sport with SAP

With games being played for roughly 10 months out of the year, there isn’t much down-time in the NHL

Monitoring the data generated from those 1,300+ games is an enormous task. But with more than 100 million passionate fans entertained each season, it’s well worth the effort.


The challenge: Give fans the ability to connect with the game in the ways that they want.

To the NHL, running live to run simple means crunching complex and dynamic variables to decisively benefit the game and the fan experience. Historically, viewing statistics has always been a static process, but the NHL quickly realized that statistics don’t have to be tedious numbers in columns. If presented in exciting ways, they can be very powerful attractions to fans.

The solution: SAP HANA

The design team at SAP wanted to go beyond updating the visual look and feel of the stats page by providing fans with a whole new set of tools to go deeper and deeper into the game. It allows for fans and announcers alike to uncover powerful story lines that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Not only that, but by having the ability to monitor how fans interacted with the new page – the NHL is able to improve their marketing efforts to the fans. And now, the business, and the game, run better than ever before.

To learn more, watch a video from commissioner Gary Bettman.

This story originally appeared on SAP Business Trends.

Top image via Shutterstock