More than 3,000 people took part in this year’s charity run organized by the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Heidelberg. Four hundred of them were employees of SAP, one of the event’s main sponsors.

In an emphatic response to the run’s theme ‒ “How Far Would You Go?” ‒ the SAP team went furthest, clocking up a total of 658 laps to finish ahead of the field in the final team standings.

Businesses, clubs, and individuals were invited to take part in the event, which raised a total of over €100,000 in donations toward cancer research. The unique feature of the NCT Run is that it gives everyone a chance to take part ‒ from leisure runners, families, and disabled people to competitive athletes racing against the clock on the half-marathon route.

The phenomenal success of the event stems from the way it cleverly combines charity, sport, and fun. Dr. Natalie Lotzmann, head of Global Health Management at SAP, agrees, describing the run as a great way for long-distance runners, gentle joggers, Nordic walkers, parents, children, and patients to join in the fight against cancer. By sponsoring the NCT Run, SAP is also intensifying its long-running strategic partnership with the NCT in the field of SAP HANA and precision medicine.

Significant Contribution

SAP employees who took part in the charity run did so for all kinds of different reasons. Here are just a few.

Dorit Beric was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and was treated at the NCT: “Whether it’s the NCT Run, the COPE program, or products like SAP Medical Research Insights, SAP is making a significant contribution to the battle against cancer. The NCT Run is a great way to raise awareness of cancer. I’ll definitely be taking part again next year.”

Hans Werner Vadlejch, an event volunteer and race marshal, commented, “It’s an incredibly enriching experience to join the battle against cancer in such a great atmosphere of gratitude and community spirit. Let’s face it, cancer can strike any one of us at any time. I’m planning to run at next year’s event.”

Roman Frackenpohl, who heads up Corporate Social Responsibility’s Heimstärke soccer project for refugees, added, “The NCT Run was a great opportunity for the refugees on our project to become integrated in local structures and do their bit for a good cause at the same time. We’re very grateful to SAP for enabling them to take part.”

Eva Jährling, head of Health Promotion, summed up: “Regular exercise is vital for long-term health. So I’m delighted that so many SAP employees of all generations took part. Many of them have said the experience gave them the motivation to begin running or walking on a regular basis.


SAP works closely with the NCT on all aspects of SAP HANA and under the Corporate Oncology Program for Employees (COPE) offers eligible employees free personalized tumor data analysis and interpretation. This procedure uses the SAP HANA platform and gives employees suffering from cancer the opportunity to receive additional information about personalized treatment options.