The excitement was palpable on stage in Las Vegas at SAP TechEd Las Vegas when Keytree topped the mobile voting charts as this year’s DemoJam winner.

I caught up with the ecstatic winning team in this video interview minutes after they accepted their award for their astounding prototype “beApp.”

At #SAPTechEd, @keytreeuk topped the mobile voting charts at DemoJam for the astounding prototype beApp

I originally talked with Will Powell in early August, when he told me this was the eighth DemoJam competition for the team at Keytree, a U.K.-based global SAP partner. His team apparently took his advice to developers on the winning magic for DemoJam, having done their homework, established a team early, and pushed the envelope.

The team celebrating their win!

Presenters Powell and Nic Doodson also had tons of fun presenting beApp, which could turn out to be ultimate motivational tool for students. Using holographic images, Powell and Doodson showcased what they called the power of Newtonian physics. beApp is designed to inform and reward students as they go about their daily activities across campus. They can check their class schedule, stay in touch with classmates, get directions, and join societies and groups – all through the app which is connected to the collaborative cloud platform SAP Jam. The fascinating demo showed beApp linking with academic activities, specifically a physics class that used Microsoft HoloLens, connecting learning tasks directly to SAP software.

Perhaps most game-changing, using custom open social widgets, beApp rewards good behavior such as punctuality, academic excellence, and good citizenship around campus. Students can gain “Excellence Reward” points for spending in campus stores or trading with fellow students in return for services. It promises to be a whole new learning experience.

Watch all six of the DemoJam finalist videos here.

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