Did you know that 80 percent of SAP’s HR processes are now cloud-enabled thanks to SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

This success is all part of SAP’s internal HR Goes Cloud program, which provides end-to-end process integration and a holistic user experience for all of our HR processes. The renowned HCM Think Tank Bersin by Deloitte recently featured the HR Goes Cloud program in a best-practice case study confirming that SAP has chosen the right path moving forward for its customers, and internally, as well.

Deloitte recently featured SAP’s HR Goes Cloud program in a best-practice case study

Why Did SAP Embark on this Journey to Move HR Processes to the Cloud?

For starters, because it’s directly aligned with SAP’s strategic vision to become the most innovative cloud company powered by SAP HANA. But more importantly, this move amplifies SAP’s commitment to digital transformation and provides a case study around next-gen HR for large enterprises. Customers want a digital transformation partner and SAP is showing them first-hand how this can be successfully managed.

What Were the Business Problems that Sparked HR Goes Cloud?

Most of SAP’s HR systems were on premise and didn’t give the flexibility needed to manage a dynamic, global workforce of full-time, part-time, virtual, and project-based employees. Essentially, SAP needed the capability to:

  • Attract new employees to high-growth areas (like cloud computing) where competition for highly skilled candidates is especially intense
  • Provide employees with ongoing valuable training and to develop leaders to their fullest potential
  • Continuously simplify the way HR provides its services to managers and employees around the world

What Was the Business Impact?

It’s important to note that this transformation is an ongoing process, showing the impact HR Goes Cloud has on increasing our agility and innovation capabilities while advancing employee satisfaction and improving the overall efficiency of our HCM landscape. For example in 1HY 2016 alone, the program successfully drove SAP SuccessFactors adoption and deployments with 22 go-lives, realizing 50% of its Yearly Benefits commitment to SAP’s IT Portfolio.

Read the full report: Bersin by Deloitte SAP SuccessFactors Case Study.

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