SAP on WhatsApp: See Innovation in Action

A company like SAP needs continuous innovation. One team particularly is tasked with helping to channel ideas from inside and outside the organization.

To drive innovation, the SAP Experience Innovation team champions programs that count in audiences at an early stage through crowd sourcing or interaction both online and offline.  The team is continuously testing and piloting new approaches of engaging with audiences.

What Does Driving Innovation Mean?

Different internal platforms enable SAP employees to share their ideas and perspectives to help drive innovation. They can take action and actively contribute to the best SAP user experience. Ideas are validated in terms of the highest value they add and how the unveil new business areas.

The team’s commitment to drive employee engagement clearly pays off. One successful idea that came in via employee contribution was to use WhatsApp for business. Hundreds of millions of people use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and get updates on topics of personal interest. What about making use of the fact that WhatsApp has an amazing 95 percent open rate, and use it to promote news about SAP?

The team was looking for a pilot to test this new communication channel, and found it in the SAP News Center, a digital channel that provides the SAP community with IT trends and SAP news through press releases, articles, blogs, videos, and radio. Readers can now subscribe to a WhatsApp group, and receive weekly updates from the SAP News Center directly on their smartphone.

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Top image via Shutterstock