Innovation in Switzerland with SAP Business One

SAP Business One supports Swiss company Stierli Bieger AG in expanding its market position.

A recent PwC study revealed that many Swiss SMEs are world leaders in what they do: they have a solid financial foundation, are leaders in technology, and set the standards in quality and innovation. This is the case at Stierli Bieger AG owing to its efficient deployment of the right enterprise software.

“I’m often asked if I would implement SAP Business One all over again. For me, the answer is clear: absolutely, and I would recommend the solution to any SME.”

– Thomas Stierli, CEO and owner, Stierli Bieger AG

A Midsize Company and Global Player with Tradition 

Stierli Bieger AG has an international reputation as a provider of high-quality machinery, every component of which is developed and produced in Switzerland. For the metal processing industry, reputable steel producers, machine, ship, and rail manufacturers, the family business is the number one choice across the world when it comes to procuring horizontal bending and levelling machines, particularly for big-name projects.

To help the development, construction, manufacturing, finance, sales, service, and logistics departments work together even more efficiently, business owner Thomas Stierli opted for an integrated enterprise solution.

“I want to develop my business further. For this, I need support from the right enterprise software. Whether it’s increasing efficiency, safeguarding Swiss jobs, or improving our processes to ensure perfect products and service quality. It’s about creating transparency for precise analyses, and costing.”

After careful consideration, Stierli opted for SAP Business One and implementation partner Data Unit AG, and for many reasons. The system has already been effectively deployed in companies of a similar size and within similar industries. The experts at Data Unit  AG have a wealth of experience and excellent references, and clearly explained how the requirements can be effectively fulfilled, and with reasonable resources.

With SAP Business One, Stierli Bieger took a huge step forward as a company — something it had to do to stay on top

Streamlining Business Processes with SAP Business One

For Stierli, it was clear that the implementation of new enterprise software would help him analyze and optimize all internal processes. He decided to adapt the business processes to best practice standards, as the software suggests. It was then possible to choose from the SAP modules to cover individual requirements without the need for in-house programming.

Stierli also took the opportunity to streamline processes. Today, all activities and information are consolidated in one solution; from time recording to sales, manufacturing accounting, and service, including a detailed customer history. Even the CAD system is connected. This has helped maximize the streamlining of business processes.

Modern ERP Solutions and Creating Transparency

Nowadays, Stierli can lead his company more simply, and generate additional business thanks to increased transparency, and quicker analyses and costing, for example in services. The deployment of SAP Business One has even improved the company’s image.

“Working with SAP software is enjoyable; professional information management generates trust and leaves a lasting impression, and this really impresses our customers. If they are happy, my employees are happy, who appreciate working in a modern workplace. Happy and motivated employees are essential to continue expanding our high level of professionalism and quality.”

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