When I think of hockey, the first thing that comes to mind is… California? Ok, maybe not. So now put yourself in the ice skates of the marketing team for the San Jose Sharks.

In a non-traditional hockey market like California, how can they connect with fans and encourage them to purchase and renew season tickets?

It certainly helps to partner with the likes of Fans Agency to run a series of Facebook ads, including carousellink and video ads. Here’s more about this effort from a recent Facebook Business story:

Using knowledge gained from past campaigns about which types of images performed best, the team used action shots for each of its ads. Photos featured players celebrating after a goal, with cheering fans in the background. Ad copy pointed to the cost savings associated with ticket packages.

But the marketing team also realized that surfacing the right audience information is no easy hat trick. More on that from the Facebook Business piece:


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To ensure it reached the right audience with its ads, it used customer profile data from its marketing suite, SAP Hybris Marketing. The team then developed Custom Audiences of people who have purchased season tickets in the past and other high-value leads from its customer profiles built in the SAP Hybris Marketing suite.

San Jose Sharks use SAP Hybris Marketing to ensure they’re reaching the right audience with their ads

The San Jose Sharks are not alone; turns out the entire National Hockey League is scoring huge points with fans, thanks in part to SAP Hybris. As this case study indicates, solutions and services from SAP help the league engage its fans through more relevant marketing and vivid, interactive online statistics. Here’s more info about how it works, per the case study:

The NHL is using the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service as the back end of its statistics section. The SAP Hybris Marketing solution equips the league to gain key insights into every single fan and offer up relevant content and messages to successfully connect and engage with them. The NHL had an aggressive implementation schedule so it used the SAP Hybris Marketing rapid-deployment solution, which was key to getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

The NHL is using SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP Hybris Marketing to help better engage with fans

Results include:

  • 25% more site visitors
  • 45% more time spent on web site
  • 25% more overall fan engagement

“We can now target specific demographics with an exact scalpel,” said Chris Foster, director of Digital Business Development, National Hockey League.

Now that’s what I call “skating to where the puck will be.”

This story originally appeared on Business Trends on the SAP Community.

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