SAP Digital Boardroom Turns Big Data into Big Insights

SAP Digital Boardroom is a prime example of how SAP S/4HANA turbo-charges real-time collaboration for fully informed decision-making.

Using insights from real-time data across the company, people can come together to see what’s going on now, simulate what could happen in the future, and make the right business decisions based on all of these insights. Andre Bechtold showed me the latest innovations for SAP Digital Boardroom in this video from SAP TechEd Las Vegas.

One of the most exciting capabilities of SAP Digital Boardroom lies in its interactive simulations that collect and analyze data from any location, and translate it into dynamic visualizations on heat maps. Decision-makers can automate forecasting and use predictive analytics to explore the impact of a multitude of variables, allowing them to validate or rethink assumptions in real-time.

Lack of data isn’t a problem for most businesses today. Extracting the most relevant data, and understanding what to do with it for the good of the business is the much bigger challenge. SAP Digital Boardroom gives decision-makers the insights needed to turn data into opportunities.

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