Developers had plenty to cheer about last week when SAP announced its next generation in-memory platform for innovation at SAP TechEd Barcelona, showcasing a slew of expanded analytical tools and processes allowing developers to power real-time business operations tapping a wide range of data – text, graphic and streaming.

But the story for developers is even bigger than that.

In my video interview with Thomas Grassl, vice president and global head of Developer Relations and Marketing at SAP, he explained how SAP has entirely transformed its developer program for digital engagement.

Innovation Made Easy

SAP’s comprehensive self-paced, hands-on tutorials for developers are incredibly impressive. “You can learn about how the SAP HANA Cloud Platform works, build your apps using SAP Web IDE, connect your data with SAP HANA, and do predictive analysis,” said Grassl. “All of these capabilities and much more are available to everyone worldwide on the SAP developer website. Developers have a personalized learning experience with the opportunity to earn credits for their knowledge and build out their own online digital profile.”

SAP has transformed its developer program for digital engagement with comprehensive self-paced, hands-on tutorials

Designed to make learning fast and easy regardless of a developer’s skill level, SAP’s digital approach means developers can watch video demos of innovations that others have already designed, and earn points as they gain expertise. How-to projects cover a wide range of the latest innovations (released and in some cases, beta versions) including SAP HANA, express edition, SAP Fiori 2.0, SAP S/4HANA, SAP UI5, internet of things, iOS app development, predictive services, new APIs and much more.

SAP’s digital approach means developers can watch demos of innovations and earn points as they gain expertise

In fact, one of the reasons behind the show floor buzz at SAP TechEd Barcelona was directly related to digital engagement as developers attended workshops and redeemed their expert badges for instant prizes onsite. For developers who opt to go digital with SAP, getting to the next generation of applications is a sure thing.

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