Announcing SAP Fieldglass Flex: Solution for Mid-Market External Workforce Management

Middle market companies employ nearly 53 million workers, cover an endless number of industries and have led national job growth over the past five years. Accounting for 60-70 percent of employment, mid-sized companies are an essential part of the global economy.

Like larger enterprises, mid-sized businesses have also experienced an exponential growth in the need for and use of external talent. As they increasingly engage a more blended workforce, these organizations often have a blind spot when it comes to managing their flexible labor and have struggled to answer questions like: Who works for us? What work are they doing? How much are they being paid?

These mid-sized organizations need proven workforce management technology solutions to achieve agility in an increasingly on-demand business environment. But traditional technologies have been out of scope for these businesses due to high implementation costs, lengthy deployment timelines and the resources required to support them.

To address this, we are proud to announce SAP Fieldglass Flex, the first and only cloud-based external workforce management solution created for the unique needs of the mid-market. By streamlining the contingent labor hiring and management processes, this ready-to-use platform is designed to help mid-sized businesses gain visibility into their external workforce, drive efficiency and focus on growth.

SAP Fieldglass Flex easily guides users through a simple, wizard-based set-up process, specifically engineered so companies can roll it out quickly and realize immediate returns. With this solution, organizations can now manage compliance needs and answer questions around who works for them, what work they are doing or how much they are paid.

In addition to these greater organization-level benefits, SAP Fieldglass Flex provides gains to several key stakeholder groups across a mid-size business, including:

  • Procurement: control costs, comply with contracted rates and gain visibility into detailed reporting and real-time data
  • Human Resources: standardize processes around engaging external workers and fill talent requests quickly with the best available talent
  • IT, Finance and Line of Business (LoB): leverage access to secure systems, ensure accurate billing and invoicing, and streamline approvals and tracking

SAP Fieldglass Flex will enable the mid-market to address these key business challenges and more quickly adapt in order to strategically manage their growing external workforce.

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This story originally appeared on the SAP Fieldglass website.