It’s been two decades since hybris was launched as an e-commerce company in the back room of two student apartments in Munich in 1997. Since then, the industry has come a long way, scores of new technologies have been invented, and the company is now known as SAP Hybris.

Importantly, the language we use to describe customer interaction has completely transformed, and today’s method of connecting with customers is fundamentally different than it was 20 years ago. It’s essential that companies have a roadmap to help them take advantage of the multitude of resources available today.

Recognizing the challenging nature of keeping pace (or exceeding it) in this fast-moving world, SAP Hybris thought it was the perfect time to launch a podcast and speak directly to those innovators who are seeking to transform their organizations. We’ve gathered our most hilarious and talented experts, Jamie Anderson, senior vice president and CMO, and Johann Wrede, vice president of Global Audience, Brand and Content Marketing, to serve as your Sherpas as we tackle the Age of the Customer together. With honesty, personal anecdotes, and some much needed humor, we hope to break down industry buzzwords, provide relatable insights, and help navigate customer expectations (so you can better meet them!).

We’ll be inviting influencers, experts, and major brands to join in the conversation as we discuss pertinent issues across the business landscape. In our pilot podcast series, we take a look back at the past 20 years, focusing on three major themes that have impacted the industry at large since the company began: customer experience (CX), cloud, and artificial intelligence.

Kicking things off, Jamie and Johann use the rapidly evolving music industry as a microcosm to define the evolution of CX. Reaching as far back as vinyl, they’ll discuss how technology and customer demand have challenged norms and brought us to a pinnacle of sophistication and flexibility today. Addressing factors like nostalgia, business processes, and micro-experiences, the duo provide a compelling look at CX while offering concrete examples to help visualize this seismic shift.

We hope you enjoy our very first SAP Hybris Live podcast, and that you’ll tune in for others down the road. Have a listen here:

Take a look at this short history of SAP Hybris with key milestones reached over the last 20 years. And please join the conversation by tweeting directly to Jamie (@CollsDad) and Johann (@Wredefine), or follow along at @SAPHybris.