This week at CeBIT, SAP Japan will showcase recent IoT projects.

Japan, one of the world’s largest and most innovative economies, is partner country at CeBIT 2017 in Hanover. SAP Japan will showcase some of its recent Internet of Things (IoT) projects, including solutions for transportation safety, earthquake disaster prevention and diabetes during pregnancy. The video below highlights these three projects and will be shown at the fair.


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Connected Transportation Safety

Although traffic safety in Japan is in general very high, a bus accident in 2016 with many fatalities has brought the topic of road safety to the fore. SAP Japan and the Japanese telecom provider NTT are working together to eliminate the most frequent reasons for bus accidents, for example driver error due to fatigue, sickness or stress or underestimating dangerous traffic situations. This is achieved by monitoring the vehicle’s parameters and the driver’s condition in real-time. The solution can even detect unsafe driving behavior. This enables the bus company to take steps to improve driving behavior and through an intelligent warning system decide if a driver needs support.

myShindo: Earthquake Disaster Prevention

Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone regions in the world. The construction of earthquake-proof buildings is commonplace, but until now it’s been difficult to measure the actual swaying of buildings during earthquakes is hard to measure. SAP Japan and Hakusan developed together a smartphone App that does exactly that. This network of “portable seismometers,” collects seismic data not only from the ground as conventional seismometers, but also from inside of a building. The data, once analyzed through SAP Cloud Platform, has the potential to improve the construction of earthquake-proof buildings. Development of the “myShindo” app is still in the early phases and is being tested in a hundred homes of SAP employees.

Diabetes During Pregnancy

Approximately 10 percent of all pregnant women in Japan suffer from Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, a type of diabetes occurring only during pregnancy. Left untreated, it can cause maternal and fetal complications. Starting this year SAP is working on a solution together with Japan’s National Center of Child Health Development to monitor and analyze biophysical data of women during pregnancy and to support smarter medical care over SAP Health Engagement. It is planned to also collect data of other gestational disorders such as high blood pressure or depression. By analyzing this data, the team aims to prevent and treat these complications in a better way.