If you happen to visit the SAP offices in Newtown Square, PA, or Atlanta, GA, you may find employees are walking with a spring in their steps, their smiles a bit brighter.

Each location has been recognized by Workplace Dynamics as a great place to work in Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Both rankings are based solely on survey feedback provided by SAP employees – a grassroots confirmation that gives these awards an undeniable significance.

Rachel Barger, regional vice president of sales in the Southeast region, said, “We have a fantastic culture…being together, working hard, striving for the best outcomes for our customers and doing what we can for SAP.”

Her enthusiasm is echoed by Dave Spencer, managing director of the U.S. East region who offered the award is “testament to the amazing people and the excitement we have here.”

Top Workplaces bestowed additional and special recognition on SAP that delves deeper into the company’s culture.

In Philadelphia, the Clued-in Senior Management award reflects the sentiment that leaders at SAP lead from within their team as much as they do from the front. “Most senior managers respect the input and opinions of others. There are few ivory towers here,” is how one employee put it.

In Atlanta, SAP received an Ethics award, recognizing the company’s exemplary service to our customers and employees.

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