SAP Labs Silicon Valley is now a sought-after partner for its pinnacle position in business computing and key role in a worldwide development network.

German engineering enriched with American pioneer spirit: Since 1993, SAP software development teams located in the heart of Silicon Valley have contributed to the company’s core technologies and its steady growth into a powerhouse for business software worldwide.

Today, SAP Labs Silicon Valley is one of four main development hubs of the global SAP Labs Network, sharing the role with Germany, India, and China.

SAP Labs Silicon Valley combines the development functions of several of the company’s acquisitions in or near the valley, with locations in Palo Alto, Dublin, and South San Francisco.

SAP’s investment and influence in the Valley continues to grow, as evidenced by recent technology partnerships closed with industry leaders Apple and Google. These are not the only partners that recognize SAP’s influence in the enterprise market.

Engineers at the labs are specialists in areas such as in-memory computing, design, user experience, cloud development, business networks, and startup culture. They collaborate with other development centers around the world in the development of solutions for 25 industries.

SAP Labs Silicon Valley brings a unique mix diversity and innovation into the global SAP Labs Network, with more than 50 languages spoken and programmers from a large variety of cultural backgrounds. This makes it an attractive partner for local startups who build their applications on the company’s platform to achieve scale and extend their reach to thousands of customers worldwide.