Highly trained people are behind the stellar customer service that Brookshire Grocery Company (BGC) relies on to remain relevant in the fiercely competitive grocery market.

A major challenge has been raising employee skills while keeping costs low. The Texas-based regional food chain is using SAP SuccessFactors Learning to deliver high-quality training for its 14,500 employees and save money at the same time.

“SAP SuccessFactors Learning enables us to deliver more convenient, engaging employee training at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods,” said Ginger McCullogh, vice president of Training and Change Management at BGC. “Staff with the right knowledge and skills are more productive, and provide consistently better service to customers. What’s more, they are much more likely to stay with the company.”

SAP SuccessFactors solutions help Brookshire stay ahead of the competition

Working with technology partner 3D Results, BGC implemented SAP SuccessFactors Learning and the SAP Jam social software platform as the foundation for its new digital training platform “Learn.” BGC has already saved $200,000 in instructor and travel costs by replacing classroom-based courses with easily accessible, online learning modules.

Comprehensive Digital Learning Platform

McCullogh credited both the SAP SuccessFactors technology and team for the fast roll-out and impact of the solution.

“We chose SAP SuccessFactors Learning not only because it met all of our technical requirements and offered a superior end-user experience, but because of the people,” she said. “We were really blown away by the responsiveness of the SAP team – they are always so quick to answer questions and happy to help.”

BGC employees have completed 1.4 million training courses using SAP SuccessFactors Learning since it was introduced four years ago. The trainings include e-courses, study guides and quizzes. The company also uses the Learn platform to accurately track required in-person food safety class attendance for compliance with industry regulations.

Faster, More Efficient Training

Replacing classroom courses that used to take an hour with shorter, more manageable modules ─ some as short as five minutes ─ provides BGC employees with all the information they need in a much more engaging manner. The company recently onboarded and trained 600 new-hires running 25 stores in just six weeks.

“Instead of sending staff here, there and everywhere to attend different classes and training sessions, they can complete e-courses via Learn when it suits them best,” said Amy Bell-Castillo, Training and Change Manager at BGC. “We really appreciate being able to document and track all employee training using Learn, as it means we can prove compliance during audits and external assessments.”

BGC has also developed a specialized course aimed at grocery store management, which has a traditionally high turnover rate. “Learn has enabled us to track critical courses and completion rates to manage the development of managers,” said McCullough. “By providing extra support to those in this critical role, we’re hoping to improve job satisfaction and significantly reduce churn.”

Rewarding Top Talent

BGC store trainers are using SAP Jam to share ideas and best practices, and communicate with each other, supporting new-hire onboarding and also employee recognition. The company has increased the number of degrees awarded to employees for high achievement by 800 percent.

“SAP SuccessFactors solutions are helping BGC change for the better and stay ahead of the competition,” said McCullough.

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