Digital transformation continues to reshape business processes, business models, and even entire industries at high speed.

Our world is being changed completely by the proliferation of connected mobile devices — more than 25 smart objects for every human being on Earth is expected by 2020 according to Intel.

Connected devices communicating rich data to sophisticated real-time analytics, including emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning, promises to turn insight into action that enables business to perform at levels never seen before. IDC predicts that by 2018, companies that invest in operational sensing and cognitive based situational awareness founded on the Internet of Things (IoT) will see 30 percent improvements in the cycle times of impacted critical processes.

Digital transformation is a journey with rapid adjustments on the path to value. Businesses that evolve through their digital transformation journey develop a plan, assemble partners to make their plans come alive, and continually adjust.

Successful digital transformation demands deeper, closer ties with a trusted ecosystem. Only by managing, monitoring, and maintaining software in a consistent way can speed and resilience be achieved. Digital transformation requires a close partnership with the software developer and system integrator, as well as robust innovation approaches and processes to accelerate adoption and ensure successful outcomes.

A critical goal for any digital business is to find the right partners to help successfully navigate and progress through the transformation journey. As businesses address the demands and opportunities of the ever-evolving digital economy, they need to work in tight partnership with their digital ecosystem partners to ensure that their digital transformation, including their legacy and digital technology, delivers ongoing, unsurpassed value.

Global IT analyst firm Ovum recently analyzed SAP Digital Business Services as a partner for digital transformation. Following the key requirements of successful digital transformation partnership, Ouvm emphasizes the company’s “credible portfolio of services to help enterprises throughout their transformation journey,” including the ability to work with existing digital transformation partners like system integrators. The analysis describes how SAP has industrialized the services of implementation, integration, immediacy (cloud), and support to enable digital transformation success.

Ovum’s analysis surfaced the importance to methodologies and tools to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation.  In particular, Ovum makes extensive mention of the recently announced SAP Model Company services for accelerating digital transformation.

SAP Model Company is a set of prepackaged solutions and implementation approaches tailored to model company profiles in specific industries or lines of business and offer end-to-end, ready-to-use functionality delivered as a service. SAP customers take advantage SAP Model Company to accelerate the implementation of SAP solutions like SAP S/4HANA. SAP Model Company services inject standardization into the digital strategy to improve maintenance, upgrade, support, and continuity. Designed for specific industries, business functions, and geographic regions, this outcome-based preconfigured service aids fast adoption of digital technology through prepackaged, ready-to-use, end-to-end processes and content.

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