Introducing the New SAP Leonardo: Empowering Companies to Digitally Transform at Scale


We know that customers see the potential of faster and higher profitability in becoming increasingly digital.

Yet today, many companies don’t know where to begin their digital journey, or how to be sure they won’t waste money on innovation they can’t implement throughout their company to drive better business results.

New systems of intelligence are emerging through embedded artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, IoT, Big Data, and blockchain. These data-driven systems of intelligence have the power to enable digital transformation and new business models, but taking advantage of them requires an understanding of the specific business problem to be solved and the right combination in which to apply the technologies to the business.

We often hear from companies that they know they’re not the first company to have the challenges they’re facing — nor the first to approach solving them — and yet they feel like they are reinventing the wheel.

Companies need an open architecture that can rapidly turn valuable data assets from transactional systems into transformational knowledge in real time. Companies also need a partner that has deep business insights, proven process standards, and agile, leading-edge technology solutions.

SAP’s deep process and industry expertise together with a powerful software portfolio and expertise in emerging technologies puts the company in an unparalleled position to help customers navigate digital business transformation. SAP sees a massive opportunity to help our customers take and complete this digital journey, not just to innovate, but to become scaled digital businesses.

This is why we are introducing SAP Leonardo.

Like the artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci, who centuries ago designed solar power and flying machines, SAP Leonardo applies the force of digital technologies to the power of imagination to reinvent new business models, and enable business leaders to envision their future.

You may have known SAP Leonardo as our brand for IoT, but transformation at scale is more powerful when we consider IoT as part of a broader digital innovation system, which is why we are relaunching SAP Leonardo as SAP’s digital brand — a digital innovation system that enables customers to rapidly innovate and scale that innovation to redefine their business for the digital world.

SAP Leonardo will make every SAP application more powerful, intelligent, and capable for customers

Digital businesses require many new technologies and capabilities working seamlessly together, so we are bringing together machine learning, IoT, analytics, and Big Data on SAP Cloud Platform using design thinking services.  With dozens of industry awards and recognitions, each of these areas of SAP’s portfolio can add tremendous value for our customers on their digital journey…but the real power is when they all work together.

By using SAP Leonardo, customers can innovate more rapidly and scale that innovation, embedding it into all of their applications and business processes. SAP will bring our expertise in design thinking services to help customers solve the complex problems of becoming digital through SAP Leonardo Innovation Services – aligned to specific use cases, by industry. These services are designed to quickly move from innovative ideas to a blueprint for implementation at scale, with a compelling business case.

Industry accelerator packages for SAP Leonardo will focus on use cases for specific industries that are a powerful differentiator for SAP. Customers will not have to assemble pieces and parts to solve a business problem. We will use included services that tailor predefined software elements for the specific customer implementation. Everything will come at a predefined price and our engagement is time-bound, so every customer has an accelerated time-to-value.

The key to getting value from these technologies is the ability to quickly and seamlessly scale innovation that delivers business value. Our modular capabilities on SAP Cloud Platform will help rapidly innovate and integrate back into your platforms. Innovation that doesn’t scale is pointless, and you can’t scale innovation unless it becomes integrated and embedded into your applications and business processes.

We are also pleased to announce our new network of SAP Leonardo global design centers, where we will showcase digital innovation and provide learning and enablement resources for customers, employees, and partners. SAP Leonardo centers will provide a holistic digital experience with physical spaces, end-to-end offerings, and tangible digital showcases that bring SAP Leonardo to life. Our first locations in New York, Paris, Bangalore, and Sao Leopoldo will open in the next three months, with more coming soon.

We are highly committed to building a robust partner ecosystem for SAP Leonardo, which is why we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Deloitte. Deloitte’s global and regional reach, deep industry expertise, and thought leadership, as well as their SAP Leonardo portfolio knowledge make them ideal co-innovators. Deloitte will develop and deliver new services around SAP Leonardo software.

In addition to bringing SAP Leonardo to customers and partners to power their new applications and make existing applications more intelligent, we will also use SAP Leonardo to make every SAP application more powerful, more intelligent, and more capable for our customers.

Learn how you can put SAP Leonardo to work for you, and start realizing the power of the future, today. Read more about the latest SAP Leonardo innovations.

Mala Anand is executive vice president and president of SAP Leonardo, Data & Insights at SAP