Unlock Insights from Big Data and Add Intelligent Services to Your Applications with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation

The further we get with artificial intelligence (AI), the clearer it becomes: customer knowledge is essential to deliver real value with AI. You need to know people’s goals and have a design strategy to create a worthwhile intelligent experience for the customer. This is why I am happy to be working on machine learning at SAP.

With 76 percent of the world’s world’s transaction revenue across 12 industries going through SAP apps, knowing how our customers carry out their business is in our DNA. So, when we think about making applications more intelligent, we know what that intelligence must deliver and where it has to manifest itself in the context of a business process. By using our out-of-the-box intelligent applications, companies get immediate access to the full potential of machine learning. But even the widest offering of machine learning driven solutions will not sever all needs.

That is why SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, our offering for making the enterprise intelligent, is built on a solid foundation to unlock insights from big data and enrich your applications with intelligence. And, we are making all of this possible without you having to worry about the technology infrastructure or necessarily being a data scientist.

Offering Business Services and Functional Services

How is this possible? Well, first, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation offers developers an ever-growing set of intelligent functional services, accessible via REST APIs, to perform a variety of tasks, such as detecting objects in images and videos or analyzing written text. For example, one of our customers has used our image classification functional service to build an application that accelerates their jewelry repair services. When customers send in their broken jewelry, the application processes an image of the object and automatically determines which part needs to be replaced or repaired.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation offers ready-to-go intelligent business services and functional services using machine learning building blocks for the intelligent processing of all your data to detect, to recognize, to predict, and more.
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We also offer higher-level services – which we call business services – to perform more comprehensive tasks. For example, SAP Service Ticketing, one of our intelligent applications, uses the ticketing intelligence business service to automatically processes customer inquiries and accelerate customer service in omnichannel scenarios. Specifically, this business service classifies incoming tickets, routs them to the most appropriate agent, and suggests possible solutions, reducing repetitive manual tasks and shortening the time to resolution.

Second, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation deploys on SAP Cloud Platform. This means you can get started immediately with the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation and benefit from a wealth of tools and the above mentioned services for building or extending existing enterprise applications in an agile manner. To get familiar with the technology, look at the sandbox environment on SAP API Business Hub. Within the coming months, you will also be able to deploy your own intelligent services on SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. In addition, you can take advantage of other SAP Cloud Platform services to connect your new applications to your SAP enterprise systems and access a wide variety of data sources.

However, we know that the intelligent services we provide are only effective if they are powered by accurate models, which are monitored and continuously retrained on a large amount of carefully prepared data. This is another reason I am happy to be working on machine learning at SAP. Because of the business we are in, and the relationship of trust we have developed over the years with our customers, we have access to enormous amounts of data to train and refine our models, and the infrastructure to do so.

This leads me to the third way you can achieve amazing results with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation. We are integrating a full lifecycle management engine into the foundation to help us create, run, consume, and maintain machine learning models. We plan to open access to this engine, so that your own data scientists can automate model deployment and re-training, ensuring that their models are updated to factor in new learnings from current data. Additionally, because we embrace open standards, data scientists will be able to apply frameworks such as TensorFlow, scikit-learn, or R to develop their models. All of this will be possible while automatically taking advantage of the scalability of our architecture and the underlying hardware – both specifically tailored to the needs of enterprise-scale machine learning.

Bottom line, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation enables you to benefit from SAP’s business expertise to ensure your AI projects hit the mark. You can focus on building intelligent applications without having to worry about infrastructure, security or data privacy. You gain access to ready-to-use managed and scalable services that help you get results faster and generate value from all your data assets.

To learn more about SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, visit sap.com/ML. And if you are attending SAPPHIRE NOW, come to meet our SAP Leonardo Machine Learning experts.

Dr. Markus Noga is vice president of Machine Learning for the SAP Innovation Center Network at SAP