Amazing technology wonders like IoT, machine learning, and blockchain are bombarding industry leaders, but too many are left wondering how on earth their company can use them to triumph over the competition.

Imagine if there was a self-service tool that instantly summarized in one report the specific products and services a company needed to take its business to the next level of disruptive innovation. Meet the SAP Transformation Navigator, designed to answer the number one question SAP customers have about which innovations they need to bring into their organization, in what order, during what timeframes, and the business value and outcomes they can expect.

“People in business and IT are asking us for clear guidance on their best path forward,” said Peter Maier, general manager, Energy and Natural Resources Industries, SAP.  “We’ve responded with the SAP Transformation Navigator, which helps customers understand how to incorporate the latest solutions, including SAP S/4HANA in the Cloud, across their organization for faster innovation. The tool shows them how to add new capabilities and measure the business value potential in their live system using business process analytics.”

Launched at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference, SAP Transformation Navigator occupied a significant chunk of show floor real estate at the event, mesmerizing crowds of attendees who watched demos, asked questions, and clearly couldn’t get enough information about the new tool. Many people experienced something close to an epiphany. This is a sampling of the (unfiltered) comments:

“This s**t is really good!”
“That’s exactly how we need to think about this: we will do this – especially the connection from value driver to Solution Manager KPIs we will apply.”
“Highly appreciated – it already changed my thinking about deployment strategy and conversion; you are the only one offering such depth of information.”
“You are the only software vendor that offers such a tool which creates that level of transparency for customers.”
“I get it, this will save me 10 weeks of work and discussions in my organization.”
“This is a true example of customer empathy. I want my team to be using it straight away!”

Simplified Guidance to Business Value

The beauty of the SAP Transformation Navigator tool is that in just an hour or less, customers walk away with one report that contains clear recommendations for which products they need. The details reflect SAP road maps, and include transition services, solution integration information, and a value-based business case.


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Customers begin by sharing their current IT landscape – SAP and selected non-SAP solutions ─ then setting their business and IT priorities. The tool recommends a product road map, showing the capabilities of each solution with respective business value drivers such as reducing manufacturing cycle time, decreasing days in inventory and increasing productivity. The customer can set business value aspirations by percentage for each driver. Customers can change priorities and value aspirations at any time as their company demands and objectives evolve. With recommendations in hand, customers can have more informed discussions with decision-makers in their organization, as well as SAP and partners, about the best way forward.

SAP Transformation Navigator gives customers clear guidance to chart digital innovation path

“We developed this tool to help SAP customers chart their path to the future while making the most out of their current investments,” said Maier. “It’s a platform to engage with SAP and our partners to get started on their digital transformation journey – based on clear guidance created by SAP Transformation Navigator.”

In just the first week of its launch, SAP customers and partners produced over 1,000 product innovation maps using SAP Transformation Navigator. Maier said customer response has been nothing short of ecstatic, and he fully expects information from the tool will inform strategic conversations everywhere. Instead of just wondering about the latest innovations, industry leaders now have a clear route to using them for digitalized business advantage.

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This blog was originally posted on SAP Business Trends.