Pride@SAP: Way to March

In June and July, SAP employees and volunteers across the globe came together to celebrate LGBT Pride Month with various colorful events.

“On Sunday, June 18, SAP participated in the Pride Parade in São Paulo for the first time. At 1:30 p.m., Paulista Avenue in São Paulo was already packed. It was then that my Pride@SAP colleagues and I began to walk along the streets and wave our rainbow flags in support of LGBT rights and equality,” Filipe Roloff, Pride@SAP Brazil Lead and Customer Success ES&PC engineer in DBS, writes on LinkedIn.

The São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade is one of the biggest in the world. With more than 3 million people participating, São Paulo marched for equal rights.

Pride@SAP community getting ready for the parade in São

It all began 48 years ago in 1969 when police officers raided the gay bar, Stonewall Inn, in New York City. That day people began to fight back and demonstrate against the discrimination of the LGBT community. This event led to the gay liberation movement and paved the way for future policies.


São Paulo was not the only city in which SAP participated in Pride Parades for the first time. It was also a first for employees in Manila, Bogotá, and New York. The Manila march was a very important milestone since it marked the first time SAP and Concur joined a Pride march in Southeast Asia. On June 24, the event attracted approximately 7,700 attendees (lat year there were 4,500) from all walks of life. This was a record-breaking turnout in Metro Manila Pride Festival’s history. And with 100 attendees, SAP was part of it.

Pride@SAP truck in Manila ready to “march” for the first time


With two million spectators, the two-mile walk in New York is also one of the biggest Pride celebrations in the world.


For the second year in a row, SAP participated in the parade in Mexico City on June 24. The 50 SAP employees who joined the parade were triple compared to last year’s participants.

Pride@SAP Mexico is very proud to be part of the Pride Connection Mexico contingent for the second consecutive year and to join  more than 2000 people including employees, families, friends, and allies from 27 companies. This is an example of what we can achieve together, not only within companies but throughout the entire country,” says Monica Roldan, lead for Pride@SAP Mexico.


“On July 22, SAP and the SAP truck joined the 39th Pride Parade in Berlin to show that it is an open and inclusive company. […]Despite the upcoming bad weather conditions, over 60 members of Pride@SAP and friends provided great music and an entertaining atmosphere from the city’s famous Kurfürstendamm avenue to the Brandenburg Gate,” states Björn Groneberg, the lead for Pride@SAP Berlin and a senior developer at SAP.

SAP employees, family, and friends celebrating in Berlin


This year, SAP also celebrated diversity in and with Madrid, Spain. The city hosted the World Pride events, and SAP joined a number of events, including the Pride Parade on Saturday, July 1. SAP also moderated a session on how to create a LGBT and friendly workplace as part of the World Pride – Human Rights Summit, among a large number of other activities.

SAP Labs in India

SAP Labs India conducted their first Pride-related event on June 28 across seven locations. The event, which aimed to sensitize colleagues in India about inclusion of the LGBT community and its support by SAP, was a huge success. Over 200 people joined the celebrations along with the leadership team and overall there was a very positive and accepting response for this initiative.

Workplace Pride International Conference in Brussels

Demonstrating even further the focus on and commitment to diversity and inclusion, SAP participated in the 2017 Workplace Pride International Conference in Brussels, Belgium. In cooperation with the networks and organizations Workplace Pride and ILGA, companies had the opportunity to discuss their corporate future and the role of LGBT inclusion in the modern workplace.

SAP was represented by Ernesto Marinelli, senior vice president and HR director for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Greater China, and also one of Germany’s Top 10 Out LGBTI Executives. Ernesto participated in the conference’s executive panel and discussed how self-disclosure or “being out” improves employee engagement.

SAP also sponsored RAHM, the global LGBTI leadership contest, that took place in Berlin, which brings together outstanding future and today’s LGBTI leaders from around the world.


From the Stonewall riots to the colorful Pride Parades all over the world, the LGBT community has come a long way. Now more and more companies are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment to help their people grow and succeed.

Pride Parades, international conferences and LGBT leadership contests are just some of the many activities SAP was involved in during the last few weeks. Pride@SAP chapters across the globe came together to celebrate LGBT Pride Month with awareness and empathy sessions, career fairs, themed parties, and decorations, and rainbow flags.

Through this kind of support across many of SAP’s locations, the company shows its commitment to the LGBT and wider community, and helps ensure that SAP’s diverse workforce feels welcome and empowered to be their authentic selves, irrespective of gender, age, culture, ability, or sexual orientation.

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