Chicago-based Sweet Prima started four years ago as a leather wholesaler, but low sales volumes from local boutique shops and department stores drove Brittany White, founder and CEO, to pivot to a direct-to-consumer model.

White launched a Sweet Prima e-commerce site, with intention to create a unique brand identity and reach her target market beyond the Chicago area.

Running Your Business Like a Boss

However, like many startups, Sweet Prima employed different people to work on different business aspects, each maintaining their own touchpoints, processes, and tools, and not always communicating with each other. That made SAP Anywhere the all-encompassing, scalable cloud solution White needed to centralize her entire operation. Even better, the tiered subscription model meant it fit her budget.

“SAP Anywhere is one place where you get everything to create and run an e-commerce business,” White said. “SAP Anywhere really helped me create a central place to store my contacts and to manage all of our accounts.”

White created Sweet Prima’s e-commerce enabled website through SAP Anywhere and manages eblasts, CRM lists, and logistics and inventory through the single integrated cloud-based package, ensuring that everything is connected and coordinated.

Advantages Over Competition

Before implementation, Sweet Prima co-mingled prospects, customers, partners, and other third-party contacts into one unsegmented list. There was no differentiation between individuals, their roles, or their type of organization. So, when White would send a one-size-fits-all e-mail to everyone on that list, the response (or lack thereof) was extremely disappointing.

“Building a segmented CRM list in SAP Anywhere helped me understand the differences between a lead, my customers, and a third-party partner,” White said. “Being able to identify these types of people, and knowing how to interact and engage each of them based on their focus and interests …that’s going to help our company become successful.”

With her contacts consolidated and segmented, White is more easily communicating with customers and finding and forming relationships with partners that enable her team to run Sweet Prima better.

Poised for the Future

SAP Anywhere is enabling White to implement an external newsletter that connects to her CRM list, as well as a version for the department store market. The seamless small business solution will also help White add a pop-up window on her website, allowing site visitors to ask her questions directly.

Integrating SAP Anywhere to streamline a complicated, decentralized processes has been “the best thing” for Sweet Prima, according to White. She now has the time to focus on planning for the future – expanding Sweet Prima into more markets across the United States and beyond.

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This story originally appeared on Business Trends on the SAP Community.