If you’re still thinking about machine learning, IoT, VR and microservices as far-away concepts, I’ve got some news for you: they are here, now, and they are absolutely the paving stones for the future of commerce and customer engagement in the digital age.

It’s quite simple: If you want your business to thrive and survive, you need to put your customer first by creating seamless, integrated, personalized experiences for them, no matter where they interact with you. For many, this means disrupting how they do business today (bye, bye, silos) in order to be more agile and profitable tomorrow.

The Future Is Now

Nobody wants to play catch-up. In today’s competitive, ever-changing digital landscape, there is very little that remains true, but know this: staying one step ahead of your competition means innovating the customer experience with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT, and if you’re not thinking about it today, you’ll be wishing you had tomorrow.

Data Fuels the Future

Humankind has often looked to the stars for inspiration, and we still do. A galaxy of customer data will become the fuel for modern business. Organizations and companies that recognize this will learn how use the power of data to create outstanding consumer experiences and services.

No Time for Nostalgia

At SAP Hybris, we aren’t immune to the disruptions and re-evaluations that are needed to lead organizations in the digital age.

To that end, we’ve created a brand-new, immersive event rooted in providing value for you and your entire organization.

Offering a customizable agenda for all attendees, SAP Hybris LIVE: Global Summit will show you how to lead organization into the future. This immersive educational event truly offers something for everyone, no matter what your line of business or industry. Commerce, marketing, sales, service, revenue and IT professionals will all discover sessions that will help them launch the future, today.

Customer Engagement and Commerce Event of 2017

The SAP Hybris Live: Global Summit takes place October 17 to 19, in Barcelona, Spain, at the Fira Barcelona GranVia.

Featuring one-on-one access to the experts and influencers who are leading the digital transformation, the agenda spans five theaters, six micro-theaters, and dozens of demo stations over two floors of the Fira Barcelona Gran Via. With sessions designed for everyone across a broad range of industries, attendees will get an unprecedented and exclusive look into the technologies driving modern business processes, digital transformation, and customer experiences.

Space and attendance is limited, so be sure to register today. The future is now: prepare to conquer it with SAP Hybris.

This story originally appeared on the Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce.