SunPower Tears Down Silos to Build People Culture that Rocks

After expanding its global workforce by over 60 percent in just a few years, SunPower Corporation needed a talent management system to match its rapid growth.

Headquartered in California, this solar energy innovator designs, manufactures and delivers high-efficiency solar electric systems, cells and panels to consumer, business and industrial customers worldwide. The company selected the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite and SAP Jam Collaboration to consolidate its workforce on one platform as part of a comprehensive talent management strategy.

“In such a dynamic and competitive industry, ensuring that we have the right talent, in the right jobs, in the right locations is crucial to success,” said Jennifer Galbraith, vice president of People Operations and Technology at SunPower. “

SunPower replaced different, siloed employee intranets and systems with a single, integrated platform for a consistent HR experience across the company. The SAP Jam Collaboration solution became the foundation for SunPower’s new employee portal known as “the grid,” serving as one entry point to all the SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

“The grid is a one-stop shop for all things HR. By having everything available in one place, HR teams work a lot more productively,” said Galbraith. “Managers can log into the grid and get an instant, up-to-date overview of their team, covering everything from their location to their quarterly performance objectives. This visibility helps us manage our workforce more successfully.”

With an integrated HR platform from SAP SuccessFactors, employee productivity soars at @SunPower

Equally important, self-service capabilities mean that instead of having to contact HR to request information or actions, employees can quickly access resources themselves – freeing up everyone’s time for value-added responsibilities.

Approvals in Hours, Not Days or Weeks

People can access HR-related information and complete activities on the grid from their mobile devices, drastically improving workforce productivity.

“Previously, transactions were sometimes being held up for days or weeks – now things are getting approved within two to three hours. This completely changes the game for us. We’re getting people assigned to projects and roles in a much more efficient manner,” said Galbraith.

Relationship Building and Productivity Soar

Using SAP Jam, SunPower employees can easily find each other and share knowledge for further productivity gains.

“Employees from all departments and all regions are engaging with each other in new ways,” said Galbraith. “Our online forums are rich with discussions covering everything from new solar technologies to organizing meet-ups and soccer games. Being able to easily interact with and learn from fellow employees is driving new levels of engagement and enabling collaboration on all kinds of projects – with outstanding results.”

Extending Talent Management to Next Level

To manage its growing contingent labor needs, SunPower is looking to SAP Fieldglass solutions to help manage and onboard temporary workers for immediate short-term projects.

“As we move into new markets, SAP Fieldglass solutions will help ensure we have the talent we need for each project and are always using talent efficiently,” said Galbraith. “We will be able to track how contingent workers are spending their time, while allowing workers to manage their timesheets anytime, from anywhere via mobile devices. From an HR perspective, we can stay on top of compliance issues, and make sure we are managing all of the different payroll rules.”

Galbraith is sharing SunPower’s experiences with SAP SuccessFactors during a breakout session at the upcoming SuccessConnect 2017 event in Las Vegas, entitled, Success Stories from SAP Jam: Enhance Collaboration, Communication, and Engagement.

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