Infoways Increases Performance by 1000% and Triples Customer Base

When seconds count and safety is a priority, schools and emergency services rely on Infoways Pty Ltd. to keep people safe and parents informed about their children.

This Australia-based consultancy provides intelligent notifications that allow parents of school-age children, as well as employees at emergency agencies, to send and receive vital communications from any location at any time. Sending upwards of 50,000 text messages a day, Infoways turned to SAP Digital Interconnect to meet client demands.

“Our customers trust that the communications they send reach their destination,” said Brent Welch, director at Infoways. “We tripled our client base in three months, while some of our clients realized 90 percent time-savings.”

1,000 Percent Performance Boost

Using the SAP Intelligent Notification 365 mobile service, Infoways gets new customers up and running quickly without waiting for hardware deployment, or for operators to configure new infrastructure. Once connected, Infoways customers can send their notifications through the secure, carrier-grade infrastructure that interconnects with more than 1,000 operator networks in over 220 counties and territories.

In many emergency situations, the stakes can be high. When a cyclone ravaged the northeast coast of Australia, Infoways created a fail-safe communications center for its customers that was instrumental in contacting parents. Unlike other systems that failed during the bad weather, SAP Intelligent Notification 365 handled the huge spike in messages – an increase from 50,000 a day to more than 550,000 – without a hitch.

Personalized Flexibility

Infoways developers have designed customized, online portals for each customer on the SAP system using APIs, and they can also easily respond to unique asks. Many customers request a mobile interface so they can connect from their smartphones or tablets to send notifications. One school wanted a generic e-mail address for parent responses.

“SAP was quick to work with us and provide the technical support we needed to fulfill our customers’ requests,” said Welch. “They configured the system and set up a subdomain with us, and our customer loves it. Our services are stronger because of the support SAP Digital Interconnect provides.”

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Infoways sends over 500,000 messages during school emergencies, and helps the Queensland School District track student absenteeism, a government requirement. Every time their child is absent, parents receive a text message sent through SAP Intelligent Notification 365, and responses are automatically entered into the school’s internal systems. Eliminating calls and manual updates has saved schools as much as three hours each day.

“Schools wanted a solution that integrated with their existing systems and streamlined business operations,” said Welch. “School staffs were spending too many hours entering absentee data from parents, not always accurately. Integrating incoming messages with existing school systems has freed up a significant amount of time.”

Equally important, the notification service ensures that schools remain compliant with national regulations to encrypt messages, send them from an Australian carrier, and prevent them from traveling through overseas networks.

Trusted Emergency Response

Queensland emergency services agencies also rely on SAP Intelligent Notification 365. Police, ambulance, and air departments use it to request support and identify specific skills to fill out emergency response teams, and to send out workforce scheduling notifications and operational updates. This helps emergency service employees relay crucial information as quickly as possible.

SAP’s vision is to make simple things automated, and complex things simple

Simplifying Connectivity

Adding intelligence across secure communications between organizations, whether it’s between businesses and consumers, agencies and citizens, or schools and parents, transforms the entire experience.

“Our vision is to make simple things automated, and complex things simple,” said Sethu Meenakshisundaram, president of SAP Digital Interconnect. “In an always-on connected world, companies need intelligence to engage in meaningful ways with their consumers, creating frictionless processes that increase everyone’s productivity and safety.”

Future, Higher-Touch Enhancements

Infoways expects to add location-based features to its SMS notifications, a welcome enhancement for emergency services customers. “Location will help them pinpoint where people are in order to understand who is available to respond during an emergency,” said Welch.

Adding text to voice is also on the horizon. “Our more remote areas in the outback may not have mobile coverage, and they need voice services to keep parents informed,” said Welch. “The new feature will convert a text notification to voice and call the recipient’s landline.”

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