SAP Knowledge Workspace: Helping Companies to Manage the Unexpected

The digital transformation is already beginning to impact workplaces worldwide. Machine learning, the Internet of Things, robotics and other technologies are making it possible to automate routine tasks and helping new jobs to emerge.

According to a 2016 German Federal Labor Office report, by 2025 the digital transformation will reduce 1.5 million jobs in Germany, and at the same time will generate 1.5 million new jobs – a trend that will apply in many other areas in the world.

As these technologies become more widely adopted, efficiency will no longer be a real differentiator for businesses. The ability to innovate and respond with agility is what will make all the difference to business success. Uniquely human skills like empathy, social and emotional intelligence, the ability to set context and define business problems will be the skills these new jobs require. And with many more tasks being automated, people will be able to spend more time on work that adds greater value like cultivating relations to customers and collaboration with others to solve sophisticated problems.

In our increasingly complex and volatile world where unexpected events and critical situations are on the rise, collaboration among knowledge workers is becoming mission critical. Businesses need quick and effective responses to high-stakes disruptions, complex challenges and non-routines tasks. Agile decision making can avoid loss of revenue, loss of confidence in the brand, and even harm to people. But in today’s digital economy, data exists in multiple backend systems and experts are dispersed around the globe. SAP Knowledge Workspace introduces a new way to bring them and the data they need together. It is a collaborative space designed to bring together all necessary data, tools, and experts in one single case board to help them assess a situation, evaluate it, take a decision and act on it.

Based on SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Knowledge Workspace lets stakeholders work with live data rather than manually sharing data through email. That ensures a single version of truth and eliminates the need to reconcile information or document outcomes later. SAP Knowledge Workspace enables companies to respond quickly and reduce downtime from unexpected situations, like sudden demand spikes, supply failures, or product recalls.

Here are three ways the SAP Knowledge Workspace speeds up the time it takes to resolve critical issues:

  • It brings together experts, data, tools, and context to facilitate collaborative decision making. It’s all about making connections. It connects knowledge workers with one another, and it connects them to the data, tools, and context they need to address complicated business scenarios in real time. They can explore and analyze the situation and invite other experts for further exploration. They can make sound decisions based on real business data and insights from all the relevant experts.
  • It eliminates the “e-mail-plus-attachment hell” that users experience now. Reducing the amount of time employees spend updating spreadsheets and presentations, or attaching data sheets in e-mails is yet another way the SAP Knowledge Workspace increases resolution speed and accuracy. Experts can dedicate their energies to actually addressing the issues and they can all access – and work with – the real-time data they need. In other words, there’s no key information hidden in someone’s inbox.
  • It supports the entire workflow, from the trigger to the resolution, in one central location. There are two worlds within the enterprise: the one where you access system information and update systems of record and the one where you collaborate and make decisions. Up to now, the two worlds were completely disconnected. SAP Knowledge Workspace integrates these two worlds, ensuring knowledge workers can tackle high-stakes situations from the time they first arise to when they’re ultimately resolved. And importantly, it helps teams learn from their past experiences and apply their learnings to the next challenge. Nothings gets lost, since it is all part of the system of record.

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