SAP TechEd in 2017: This is Where the Fun Starts

SAP TechEd Las Vegas exceeded all expectations this year, but don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s how Björn Goerke, chief technology officer and president of SAP Cloud Platform, still wearing his Star Trek uniform as Captain James T. Kirk, summed up what made this year’s event so awesome in our on-stage video interview.

“We had a fantastic crowd coming together with different people from a lot of diverse backgrounds, and everybody exchanging ideas,” said Goerke. “We’re discussing where things are going with digital transformation, and we have a ton of new technologies and components that we’ve released;  products like SAP Data Hub, the machine learning platform, blockchain, IoT — you name it, it’s all here. This is where the fun starts, and this is where you learn about SAP and the products we have.”

VIDEO: @_bgoerke shares what makes #SAPTechEd 2017 so awesome

Openness Rules

My major takeaway from this year’s SAP TechEd is how SAP has become a world-class powerhouse for open, agile innovation. The proof was in a slew of co-innovation announcements with the likes of Cloud Foundry and the Cloud Native Computer Foundation, plus expanded cloud services on SAP Cloud Platform.

Some of the loudest applause from the 6,000-strong crowd was for the release of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK, the public beta of the SAP Cloud Platform on the Google Cloud Platform, and a sneak preview of the ABAP solution-as-a-service on SAP Cloud Platform. In my summary of Goerke’s keynote, I wrote about how the SAP Data Hub solution represented a fundamental shift in data governance, pipelining and sharing, and many event attendees agreed  ─ “An Introduction to SAP Data Hub” was among the most popular lectures of the week.

It’s Not Too Late to Watch

I don’t have space to share the details of the 1,000-plus total sessions including Lectures, Strategy Talks, Innovation Talks, and hands-on workshops with experts and partners at the hands-on Developers Garage, lively Community Clubhouse (Pepper the robot was a major hit), and insightful Solution Center. People couldn’t get enough of the hands-on, “SAP Technology Highlights,” session, which had capacity crowds during for the three times it ran. Replays of four of the most popular Lectures are available to watch anytime:

You can also watch some of the most exciting highlights of SAP TechEd here.

News that Made Global Headlines

Wrapping it all up, here are some of my favorite headlines from the media:

Now it’s on to SAP TechEd in Bangalore and Barcelona!

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