Whatever the Question, AI Is the Answer Because Nobody Likes Calling Customer Service

“Give us your superstar customer service representative, and we’ll provide an AI application that replicates their behavior, reducing problem resolution time from 10 minutes to one.”

Narayana develops AI applications that can cut down customer problem resolution by a factor of 10.

This is what I heard and saw from Bejoy Narayana, CEO of BoodsKapper, at the recent SAP Financial Services Innovation Summit held at the SAP Leonardo Center in New York.

The Texas-based startup develops AI applications on SAP Cloud Platform designed to not only ferret out what customers want quickly, but also communicate in their preferred medium – using any texting app or moving to a telephone conversation.

“No one likes calling customer service, and we believe that experience can be much better by training the software to behave like the ideal customer service representative, getting to the point quickly to provide a solution for busy people,” said Narayana. “Modeling the actions of a company’s best customer agent, we can train the AI engine to be up and running in weeks just as you would a new employee. This can cut down interaction times by a factor of ten.”

Creating a Human-Like Dialogue

Built for well-defined business processes such as insurance companies whose customer service teams field huge amounts of calls on a variety of topics — coverage, claims, co-pays — BoodsKapper’s AI engine analyzes data from past conversations as well as company systems to create human-like dialogues based on an understanding of the context.

“The definition of intelligence is the ability to learn, and this software learns the more you use it,” said Narayana. “Companies are looking for ways to serve customers better while reducing costs. We think we can help reduce customer support costs while delivering better service, and upselling for revenue generation. Once a conversation thread is opened, it’s just like having a conversation with a friend.”

#AI can deliver more personalized attention to customers and get to the point faster than humans

AI Delivers More Personalized Attention

Narayana said BoodsKapper is essentially AI-as-a-Service, allowing insurance companies and other institutions to automate customer service in areas like healthcare and finance. Companies can adapt the software to suit their organization’s culture and mission, branding it with a name and infusing it with a certain tone, whether formal or informal. He showed me three use cases in which AI functioned just like a mortgage bank’s best relationship manager, a car insurer’s fastest claims adjustor, and a real estate company’s most efficient property manager.

“A bank could collect all the information to provide loan pre-qualification from a home buyer in seconds, even offering a virtual reality tour of the house,” he said. “If you’re in a car accident, you can submit the insurance claim without waiting for someone to visit your house.  When a lawncare service has finished working at a building site, workers can text with an image and receive payment immediately.”

Paradoxically, AI can deliver more personalized attention, getting to the point faster than humans. “When a human customer service representative is texting, they are required to keep numerous screens open,” said Narayana. “With AI, there’s no pausing, making the interaction 100 percent focused on each customer.”

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