Björn Goerke Reveals Three Ingredients of the Intelligent Enterprise at SAP TechEd Barcelona

Star Trek is having so much more than a moment this fall at SAP TechEd, and the cosmic vibe peaked during Björn Goerke’s keynote at the Barcelona event.

Having seen him speak in Las Vegas, I can tell you that the chief technology officer and president of SAP Cloud Platform outdid himself on stage in Spain. Reprising his role as Captain James T. Kirk, Goerke picked up where Las Vegas and Bangalore left off, revealing a vast universe of impactful innovations to delighted developers, many of them star-struck trekkies.

Here’s what Goerke told me about the three ingredients necessary for the intelligent enterprise in an exclusive post-keynote video interview: reliable data, a platform to launch innovations, and a delightful user experience.

Exploring Boundless Innovation

While the beeps, flashing lights and whooshing doors captured the other-worldly aura of the original television series, Goerke’s keynote messages were rock solid pragmatic, showing developers what’s entirely possible with SAP’s innovations for the intelligent enterprise. Delightfully audacious in drawing from the rich pickings of the sci-fi franchise, Goerke changed up the line-up of well-known, but artfully evolved characters he invited on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise in Barcelona. Responding to a directive from Star Fleet command, the crew embarked on an urgent mission to build the U.S.S. Intelligent Enterprise to help businesses on earth face digital transformation challenge. This is sampling of their never-seen-before demos that boldly go beyond.

Data Fuels Intelligence

Calling data the fuel for the intelligent enterprise, Goerke announced the upcoming release of the SAP Data Hub developer edition to provide orchestration on top of and integrated with SAP HANA and third party systems. He invited Chekov on stage to demonstrate how developers can build a bridge between central workloads and decentralized data, and define data workflow.

“With SAP HANA, SAP Vora and the SAP Data Hub, every business can establish a consistent, trustworthy data foundation, and building on that foundation, our analytical tools use machine learning and advanced algorithms to look for hidden relationships within the data stored in your environment,” said Goerke. “These innovations go beyond human bias help you choose the best course of action based on all that information.”

SAP and Google: Sneak Preview on Co-Innovation

Once companies have access to reliable data across systems, Goerke described SAP Cloud Platform as the agile launch pad for innovations. He said that SAP’s multi-cloud strategy provides a powerful ecosystem for partners and developers, available on AWS, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.

“SAP Cloud Platform makes it easy to integrate and extend any IT landscape into the cloud, and build powerful applications quickly,” said Goerke. “To keep you from the complexity of running a full-blown application environment yourself, SAP operates it for you with full services. We bring agility to the intelligent enterprise.”

Brian Stevens, CTO of Google Cloud, joined Goerke on stage for an update on the speed of co-innovation between the two companies. They previewed the data custodian model as a powerful solution to the top question customer have about doing business on the public cloud: where is my data and who can access it? The solution allows companies to define data movement policies by region, monitoring compliance using alerts, and intelligently suggesting actions for resolution.

“The ultimate currency in business is trust, and you get that with transparency and openness. This is where the collaboration between SAP and Google really pays off,” said Goerke. “With SAP Data Custodian, the SAP Data Hub and integrating the Google Suite into SAP applications, we want to offer the transparency, openness and security that customers are asking for. We provide when, why and from where your live data is accessed. You know that your data is safe and secure.”

Develop Once, Deploy Anywhere

As a platinum member of Cloud Foundry, SAP continues to be make substantial contributions to embrace cloud technology and native development. Goerke cited the company’s commitment to the Kubernetes container orchestration engine, as well as its participation in the Open API Initiative and the SAP API Business Hub.

Multi-cloud strategy: SAP Cloud Platform lets developers create cloud applications once, deploy anywhere

“We are simplifying the implementation of a dev-ops culture in your organization. For this, you need agility and speed. That’s the future of application and service development. SAP helps you become part of that future,” said Goerke.

Using the SAP Hybris Service Center Engagement solution, “Mr. Spock” came on stage to demonstrate how developers using Cloud Foundry can create applications once, and deploy anywhere on the SAP Cloud Platform, integrating with the Google Cloud Platform and AWS. “If you want to change your underlying infrastructure provider, just pack your bags and deploy your microservices wherever you want them to be.”

Machine Learning for Non-Experts

Goerke took enterprise intelligence to a whole new level when he announced the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, an enterprise-grade platform supporting the entire life cycle of self-learning software. “Uhura” came on stage to demo these ready-to-use machine learning services with SAP Brand Impact. This solution automatically measures brand visibility in videos, revolutionizing corporate sponsorships.

“We have pre-trained models that you can retrain to your specific business needs, context and model,” said Goerke. “We’re providing simple consumption and tight integration with SAP software solutions. This is easy-to-use machine learning content targeted to non-machine learning experts.”

Expansive Galaxy of Mobile-First Innovation

Goerke announced the availability of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS 2.0 as the next step in SAP’s partnership with Apple, combining the best experience for developers using mobile and SAP Applications. At his invitation, “Scotty”, (Sindhu Gangadharan, Vice President & Head of Product Management, SAP Cloud Platform Integration & IoT), took the helm to provide the audience with a first look at the latest SDK.

“Developers can build native mobile applications very quickly leveraging any service in the cloud platform,” said Gangadharan. “While securely connecting to SAP S/4HANA, any SAP application or a third-party application, the developer can benefit from all the mobile capabilities of the iOS platform including touch ID, location services and push notifications. In a few clicks, developers can build a totally different look and feel using SAP Fiori controls.”

Goerke said SAP helps developers provide users with a consumer-grade experience. “This is a truly mobile-first user experience. The SDK provides you with the security, stability and offline capabilities of enterprise applications with the consumer-grade experience you’ve come to expect from SAP.”

Higher Purpose to Advance Humanity

Exuberant to the end, Goerke closed asking every develop to join in SAP’s vision that stands for a higher purpose beyond economic success.

“As with the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, it was never technology alone that made them prevail,” he said. “It was always the team effort, the diverse skills and viewpoints that made the difference. At SAP, we believe that the most iconic businesses and revolutionary ideas are those centered around advancing humanity, which is why SAP set a bold company mission to help the world run better improve people’s lives. This starts with each and every one of you.”

Goerke was accompanied by the beautiful sounds of Spanish guitarists live on stand playing their rendition of the Star Trek theme. Live long and prosper indeed.

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