SAP, École Polytechnique, and ESSEC Focus on Digital Skills

SAP has joined forces with the École Polytechnique Executive Education and ESSEC Business School to design tailored certifying curricula to help ensure the employability of its employees on key digital skills by 2020.

As a result of the GPEC agreement focused on employability signed in 2016, the initiative opens the doors of two prestigious schools to SAP employees in France who want to participate in the curricula. Sanctioned by a professional certification, the course programs were constructed hand in hand with SAP to develop the skills of tomorrow.

Digitalization is transforming jobs within SAP, so the company must take into consideration the new skills expected to remain competitive. In response to this challenge, SAP places employee development at the heart of its HR strategy, which not only broadens the base of technical skills, but also reinforces an innovative mindset that relies on agile, transversal, and project-based work methods.

SAP’s Assia Mouloudi is participating in one of the courses and offers her first impressions: “We met some very inspiring and open professors from École Polytechnique. Their speech at the forefront of scientific excellence and innovation poses an exciting yet demanding curriculum. We quickly connected innovation management challenges at SAP with the expertise delivered. This adventure promises to be exciting.”

The courses offered are divided into five curricula tailored to meet the strategy of SAP. École Polytechnique Executive Education focuses on the development of technical skills with four training courses: Data Science Starter Program, Internet of Things (IoT), Pilot of Innovation, and Project Management. The ESSEC Business School training program focuses more on developing the skills of corporate functions with a focus on operational management.

The courses last 110 to 150 hours. Each employee will complete a project related to the area of learning, which he or she will carry out during the course. To support them as best as possible in their project and to help ensure the operational transfer of new skills acquired, each SAP employee will benefit from a mentor and, if he or she wishes, a coach.

Mentors, chosen for their expertise, are there to advise and guide employees in the framework of their projects to ensure the improvement of their skills. The coach accompanies the personal development of the employee, with the role of guiding in the construction of his or her development plan and career.

Participant Capucine Paillusseau also testified: “The prospect of sharing this training with colleagues from all walks of life is a source of pleasure for me. The richness of the content and the human qualities of the people who supervise the training make me want to give the best of myself and make the best of this opportunity that is offered to us.”

And  Christine Flobert-Poli reports, “The ESSEC/SAP program is a tremendous opportunity for employees to prepare the best way for the digital transformation. With that program, we learn new skills to help SAP transform itself by transforming ourselves. Each of us will become a ‘servant leader,’ able to reduce complexity and make teams work in a collaborative mode in order to achieve a common goal for greater efficiency.”

We are proud of these curricula, the result of a partnership with prestigious schools and corresponding to the training needs of our teams. SAP is committed to going beyond simple training obligations by deploying innovative programs within the company.

Registration for the training courses is now closed, but the program is planned to be renewed in 2018 and 2019.

Carole Cherrier is training manager for SAP France