SAP Leonardo Centers: Your One-Stop Shop for Digital Transformation

Warehouse clubs carry almost anything you’d ever want to buy. These retail wonderlands stock a seemingly endless supply of goods — from groceries to clothes to furniture — creating a one-stop shop for customers.

Unfortunately, you can’t get everything from a store like this. For instance, you can’t walk into a building, grab digital transformation from the shelf, and put it in your shopping cart.

Or can you?

A Real-World Place to Embark on Your Digital Transformation Journey

While implementing a digital transformation strategy at your company isn’t as simple as walking into a store and purchasing one, there is now a tangible destination you can visit to start your journey, fuel your existing one, or display your results.

SAP Leonardo Centers, part of a global network of connected locations, serve as go-to sites for digital inspiration and co-innovation. They also act as delivery mechanisms for SAP Leonardo Innovation Services. The centers offer physical spaces for companies and partners to explore how new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, blockchain, Big Data, analytics, data intelligence, and cloud can help spur game-changing digital transformation.

At these centers — currently located in Bangalore, New York City, Paris, and São Leopoldo — SAP experts lead visitors through four critical phases:

  • Inspiration: During this phase, visitors attend various cross-technology showcases curated around industry scenarios or solutions that customers would see in their “at-home” environments. These sessions allow visitors to experience the power of today’s emerging technologies and discover how adopting these difference-making tools can radically transform entire organizations and business models.
  • Ideation: Customers can collaborate with SAP through design thinking to jointly explore how they can tackle their greatest challenges with the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system.
  • Prototyping: In the past, prototyping was a theoretical exercise completed on paper. Today, SAP experts can help customers or partners build actual prototypes that enable everyone from C-level executives to everyday product users to experience how a new digital solution could benefit the enterprise.
  • Piloting: Following the creation of a solution prototype, it is crucial that customers institute a pilot program that brings new digital capabilities into the live enterprise. This allows customers to adequately asses how their new tools could help their organizations and refine these findings in an iterative innovation process. They can better evaluate ROI and determine whether investing in the full development of a new solution would generate worthwhile business outcomes.

If an organization decides to move forward with a technology, it can embark on its journey with SAP Leonardo Innovation Services to identify and connect to cutting-edge technologies and shorten time to value. These services offer a guided approach to digital transformation and result in a proof of concept.

SAP Leonardo Centers Bear Fruit

Several businesses have already collaborated with SAP at an SAP Leonardo Center or a predecessor site to create new technologies:

  • Cafés Richards, a French coffee company, co-innovated with SAP to develop a connected coffee machine that enables the organization to track sales and consumption in real time. It also allows Cafés Richards to remotely conduct routine repairs or perform preventative maintenance on coffee machines.
  • Cielo, Brazil’s largest credit and debit card operator, collaborated with SAP to design a cloud-based solution that improves e-commerce transaction authentication approval processes and reduces fraud, a major problem in the country.
  • Burger King partnered with SAP to enhance the equipment at its approximately 500 stores throughout Brazil. Equipment at the fast food restaurants will now contain sensors that enable Burger King to monitor its kitchen devices in real time and conduct predictive maintenance, allowing the company to anticipate risks and prevent malfunctions to refrigerators, grills, and more.

Global Framework, Local Flavor

All SAP Leonardo Center locations are built around a common global framework, helping ensure guests receive similar, consistent experiences wherever they visit. Each center highlights SAP Leonardo technologies through tangible showcases and offers space for co-innovation, design thinking, and prototyping.

But each SAP Leonardo Center is tailored to focus on specific topics, markets, or industries that are especially relevant in the region where the facility is embedded. For instance, experts in the Brazil center have a strong knowledge base in agriculture, so the IoT showcases there highlight precision farming. In New York City, the SAP Leonardo Center prioritizes finance, banking, and insurance.

Digital Transformation: Don’t Go It Alone

Your organization’s digital transformation shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s simply too important to your future success. In fact, 87% of companies feel digital transformation presents competitive opportunity, according to Capgemini and MIT research.

SAP Leonardo Centers offer you a chance to collaborate with digital transformation experts and partners in spaces solely dedicated to innovation. By combining efforts – rather than undertaking this complex endeavor alone – your enterprise can leverage the strengths and expertise of knowledgeable professionals and begin your digital transformation journey on the right foot.

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