Technology in Sports Reminds Us That The Future Is Now

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.”

— Arthur C. Clark (Author)

And it certainly was a magical year. But there aren’t any smoke and mirrors within our innovations. We’ve completely reimagined the way sports are consumed, played, and managed.

Please enjoy this video that quickly highlights the year in review, and if you’d like to dive in deeper, a quick synopsis of each property follows below.

Enhancing the Fan Experience

  • Cirque du Soleil’s TORUK – The First Flight 360: Turn your phone ON for the show. With the TORUK-The First Flight mobile app, SAP connects TORUK’s lighting and sound consoles to sync with the audience app allowing spectators to become a part of the show like never before. In addition, see how SAP helps streamline Cirque du Soleil’s day to day business operations, allowing them to easily manage over 1,300 artists and 1,000 costume pieces across 44 cities each year.
  • NHL Chirps: This hilarious, three-part series features multiple NHL legends as they chirp with each other about personal and team stats. All accessible through the power of SAP HANA.
  • San Jose Sharks Digital Locker Room: Learn your favorite San Jose Sharks player’s hidden talents and pre-game rituals at the new interactive locker room at the SAP Center.
  • SAP+YOU: The Smarter Skipper: This virtual reality sailing experience puts users in the shoes of an SAP Extreme Sailing Team crew member. It showcases how SAP Sailing Analytics – powered by SAP HANA – are used to maximize team performance, and demonstrates the benefits of live data.
  • Akzo Nobel: Team AkzoNobel has partnered with SAP as part of an innovation project to help the sailors optimize their performance. Using the edge computing for the Internet of Things provided by the SAP Leonardo IoT Edge technology, the research project enables team AkzoNobel to track the sailors’ fitness levels and degree of exhaustion during racing.
  • Branden Grace: Our newest golf ambassador Branden Grace started the relationship by breaking records as he shot the lowest round in Major Championship history at the U.S. Open.
  • Ernie Els: The Big Easy competed in his 100th major! Click to see some of his major achievements.

Optimizing Player Performance

  • SAP Welcomes Angelique Kerber as Brand Ambassador: Kerber and her coach are early adopters of SAP Tennis Analytics for Coaches technology (powered by the SAP Cloud Platform) to help analyze her performance leading into and during WTA matches.
  • Equestrian Sports: Equestrian ambassador Ingrid Klimke explains how SAP has fundamentally transformed the way that she trains. SAP Equestrian Analytics shows her exactly how fast she’s travelling at different points on the course. This and other metrics, paired with footage from a helmet camera, help her get a 360-degree view of performance. The fans, too, are treated to her perspective from the saddle.

Streamlining Operations

  • New York Yankees: Yankee Stadium holds approximately 48,000 fans – each one is an important family member and SAP helps to revolutionize their experiences based on live customer interactions and ticket sales.
  • McLaren: McLaren CIO Craig Charlton shares his thoughts on SAP HANA…
  • TSG 1899 Hoffenheim: Technology is a central theme that runs through all business and sporting operations at Bundesliga club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. Thus, on closer inspection, what might first appear to be just another match day in Germany’s primary soccer league is the result of sophisticated interaction between innovative IT solutions.

From all of us at SAP Sports, we’d like to thank you for your viewership, and wish you happy holidays! We truly appreciate each one of you. 2018 will be bigger and better in every way, make sure to stay up to date with SAP Sports on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and our website.