Social media has become increasingly important for job seekers and employers alike: Experts are featuring their professional skills and profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and XING, while recruiters are proactively hunting online to identify the best talents for open positions. The challenge for experts in the past: How to prove my SAP certification online?

Great news: You can now promote your proficiency in various SAP subject areas using SAP Global Certification digital badges, alongside traditional qualifications and professional accreditation. These newly introduced badges help make your learning accomplishments visible and verifiable to anyone and everyone, online and offline, and give you a competitive advantage and trusted validation in the market.

You can now promote proficiency in various SAP subject areas using SAP Global Certification digital badges

Example: SAP Digital Badge

Digital badges have gained momentum in the IT community over the past few years as a means of demonstrating a shared understanding of accomplishments. Our online digital badge program enables you to easily promote your learning and achievements to employers, colleagues, and friends through social media.

In addition to highlighting your accomplishments, SAP Global Certification digital badges help you identify new or better career pathways and guide you toward further learning opportunities. They make it easier and faster for potential employers to identify your skills, which helps accelerate the recruiting and hiring process.

The SAP Global Certification Team started issuing badges in January 2018 to those who complete SAP certification. So far, the program has an acceptance rate of 46.1 percent, equaling 3,300 badges distributed. The roll out will happen in a phased approach. Please note that in the first wave, digital badges will be issued for select programs only. Depending on your program, it’s possible your certificate will be available as a digital badge later this year. For complete details on the SAP Global Certification Digital Badges program, we’ve created both a Step-by-Step Guide and a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your reference. You can watch this video to learn how to share SAP certification badges within the major social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

This is a great time to put your 2018 SAP training plans in place, take advantage of SAP Global Certification digital badges, and gain the recognition you deserve for your hard work and learning achievements.

Check out the official announcement here.

Bernd Welz is executive vice president and chief knowledge officer for Products and Innovation, SAP SE.