Digital transformation is here to stay, that’s no longer a question. As a result, the move to the cloud is reaching a fever pitch – the cost, speed, and agility benefits are too good to pass up.

More companies than ever will be making the switch and those that don’t are at risk of falling behind. This means that cloud growth will be a number one priority for SAP and our partners in 2018 and beyond.

When our partner organizations win in the cloud, so do our customers. This is precisely why SAP is investing in its channel partners that are generally faster, nimbler, and more appropriately sized to best serve SME businesses.

Today we are pleased to announce “Cloud Accelerator,” a global initiative that aims to help expand our partners’ cloud business. Members of the initiative will receive support developing and executing a digital marketing plan, the allocation and results-driven spend of business development funds, the expert guidance and active participation of a partner marketing advisor, and more.

Throughout the year, SAP partners’ co-funded marketing plan will be put into action to build pipeline, gain new customers, and expand the potential of a fast-growing cloud business.

Any company with a strong commitment to investing in the cloud demonstrated through a business plan that outlines a yearly target to grow their SME cloud business by at least 50 percent can qualify for the program. Further selection criteria can be found here (log-in required).

Karl Fahrbach is head of Global Channels at SAP