Every transformation takes work, and SAP is digging in and embracing a more efficient and transparent future. A future where customer transactions are seamless and where our customers aren’t just happier – they’re better and more competitive than ever before.

SAP’s goal is to create one rich, simple and common digital customer experience for finding, trying, buying and consuming cloud-based technical and business services from SAP and our partners.

SAP Delivers an Agile, Flexible and Simple Customer Experience

Today, SAP has given a digital face and experience to a product: SAP Cloud Platform is now live with a new consumption-based commercial model, allowing flexible and metered use of SAP Cloud Platform services. The result is a simplified buying and consumption experience, with the ability to scale to reach more than 2 million developers.

Kickstart Projects and Innovations Without Limits

SAP Cloud Platform is the ultimate foundation to intelligently connect people, things and businesses during all phases of development, integration and operations. To simplify the process of maneuvering the pricing, packaging and purchasing details of the growing number of services on SAP Cloud Platform – especially at the beginning of a project – we’ve enhanced the offering along the following three dimensions:

  • Commercial model: We’ve complemented the engagement model from selling specific services to allowing “access to everything” through the new cloud platform enterprise agreement.
  • Pricing: We’ve added a consumption-based offering, which complements the already available subscription pricing model, together with a fully transparent price list.
  • Delivery: We’ve expanded from offering multi-year provisioning of specified capabilities, to an elastic, low-touch environment where customers can choose and consume cloud services as needed. We’re transforming the SAP innovation engine itself.

Customers can now explore, try, price and estimate their usage within a single site, making the overall effort simpler and more predictable. This allows customers to innovate at their own pace.

The new consumption-based model simplifies the customer’s engagement experience with the introduction of cloud credits that can be bought and applied toward SAP Cloud Platform services. The customer acquires cloud credits via a pre-pay contract, which they can then use to activate any available SAP Cloud Platform service or capability (e.g. data storage, bandwidth, user experience, etc. services), as needed/wanted – quickly activated via a single provisioning, self-service cockpit. In addition, SAP will provide customers regular detailed reporting of their services consumed, as well as a customer’s cloud credit balance.

A refreshed cloudplatform.sap.com website and services catalog enables customers to configure and estimate cloud services for their specific projects. Together with the existing subscription-based model, this gives customers more choices of how to integrate, extend and innovate their own business applications.

While the re-launched, enhanced website is available globally, the new consumption-based commercial model is currently available for sales in the following five countries: the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K. and UAE. Availability in 25+ additional countries is planned for later in 2018. Customers in other countries are encouraged to contact their Account Executives to discuss available options.

New Consumption-Based Customer Experience

The new experience and commercial model for the SAP Cloud Platform delivers:

  • A simplified cloud engagement experience with one service catalog to explore, configure and price with SAP Cloud Platform services – all based on a simple contracting model and transparency into consumption levels.
  • Flexibility in using eligible services for SAP Cloud Platform use cases. Customers can pick and choose the services they need knowing they have investment security in the cloud credits for SAP Cloud Platform. Pay for what is used and manage it via self-service.
  • Agility, direct and rapid access today and in the future to any eligible business and technical services for rapid application development and innovation.
  • Innovation, allowing customers to focus on innovation and not administrative overhead.

The pace of development is accelerating, and customers require the flexibility to use any and all available technical or business services without the need to place orders for specific services. Our goal is to have all consumption charged against the cloud credit pool, to allow for instant use and adoption.

Better solutions for discovery, experimentation and flexibility of consumption-based services are critical to meet a growing demand for agile innovation. With the option to buy prepaid cloud credits, the flexibility to choose which services they need when it’s needed and the transparency into the usage of these services, SAP is removing the roadblocks for customers to innovate. They now have the flexibility to scale their innovation initiatives as their business demands evolve, all while leveraging the growing portfolio of SAP Cloud Platform services. We’re pleased to deliver this capability today.

To start innovating with SAP Cloud Platform, visit cloudplatform.sap.com.

Bertram Schulte is chief digital officer at SAP and head of SAP Digital. Follow Bertram on Twitter: @bertramschulte and LinkedIn.