From SAP Digital to Digital SAP

Delivering a successful no- and low-touch experience is SAP Digital’s top priority in 2018. The team has some further milestones on their list.

“Every day, SAP asks its customers to reimagine their business, push the boundaries, and/or enhance the customer experience,” says chief digital officer and head of SAP Digital, Bertram Schulte. “Now it’s our turn to transform SAP.”

Bertram Schulte is chief digital officer and head of SAP Digital.

Schulte took over leadership of the SAP Digital group in mid-2017. “SAP Digital is now at a crossroads,” he explains. “2018 is the year for SAP Digital to become ‘digital SAP,’ making it simpler and easier than ever for customers to do business with SAP. This is not something nice to do, but absolutely essential to our 2020 roadmap and to remain competitive in the changing digital economy. It will allow us to keep pace with our competitors, achieve our growth and profit targets, and manage complexities.”

“The nature of our business is also changing,” adds Schulte. “In addition to needing to manage great, in-depth relationships with C-suite executives at the top 2,000 companies, we have to increasingly manage the relationships with the millions of users and developers that actually work with our systems. The answer to this massive challenge of scale is digital.”

Doing More with Digital

SAP Digital is designing, orchestrating, and running simple, consistent, no-touch experiences for customers and partners – deeply integrated into SAP processes and products. Digital is now an integral part of the core SAP business, a pillar of the Global Customer Office Go-To-Market Operating Plan, and a simplifying force in how SAP interacts with all customers.

At the SAP Field Kick-off Meeting (SAP FKOM) in January, Schulte showcased how the SAP Digital team is turning this into reality. He introduced the following new programs and offerings to attendees, which will allow them to more easily sell and engage with customers digitally.

An agile, flexible and simple customer experience for SAP Cloud Platform, with a new consumption-based model: Launched internally at SAP FKOM, the objective was to to create one rich and simple experience for finding, trying, buying and consuming cloud services from SAP and partners. The relaunched and enhanced website went live with enhancements from the SAP Digital team. It includes a new consumption-based commercial model, announced at Mobile World Congress, underpinned by a new technical and operating model that allows flexible and metered use of SAP Cloud Platform services.

“This new model is a result of cooperation across every board area. It makes innovating with SAP Cloud Platform even simpler, while offering greater agility and flexibility utilizing our growing portfolio of platform and business services,” said Björn Goerke, chief technology officer of SAP and president SAP Cloud Platform.

Integrating product discovery and purchase on The SAP Digital team has been working with the team to provide a more compelling, better integrated discovery, purchase, and checkout process for customers at The first milestone has been completed and demonstrated at SAP FKOM: Customers can now buy SAP Analytics Cloud products and discover related ecosystem and educations offerings at

Eliminating channel conflict: In 2018, a customer can make purchases on any channel. SAP sales colleagues will be fully compensated whether a deal is executed traditionally or digitally; they can even make a percentage on partner apps transacted digitally via the SAP App Center. The plan is to eventually move all deals under €25,000 to SAP’s digital channels.

“By leveraging SAP’s digital channels for lower value, high-volume deals, SAP sales teams will be able to sell more efficiently and meet customers’ needs more accurately, resulting in greater satisfaction,” said Joel Bernstein, CFO, SAP Global Customer Operations.

New low-touch/no-touch selling on The current sales process can take hours in total time spent on payment terms and discounts; and after a quote is provided to a customer, it can take up to two weeks for the software to be delivered. To streamline this, there are two new selling models on low-touch, where commercial sales can assist customers to make digital purchases of more than 40 logical products (representing more than 260 materials) and omni-channel commerce/no-touch, where customers can make a completely self-service purchase of 25 logical products (representing 180 materials). SAP Digital continues to grow the digitally transactable portfolio on an ongoing basis.

SAP App Center: Nearly 1,500 apps from more than 970 partners are included on SAP App Center, with nearly 175 available for digital purchase. The partners also can offer a digital-purchase experience to their customers. That means less time spent on paperwork and more time dedicated to what really matters: adding value to their customer relationships.

Digital Direction: Simplify Everything

According to research firm Forrester, “B2B companies are discovering that with the right plan, digital represents a new frontier for improving their financials and deepening customer relationships. Customers that B2B companies migrate online from a formerly offline environment are more active, more loyal, cost less and spend more.”* This is outstanding advice that SAP is heeding.

“The digital transformation opportunity is at hand for SAP,” said Schulte. “It’s our calling to dramatically enhance the experience of how customers and partners can do business with SAP and how we can more efficiently monetize it. And this extends well beyond the SAP Store and SAP App Center. We’re thrilled to be cooperating with teams across SAP to bring this vision to life – and helping everyone truly Run Simple!”

A glimpse of things to come from SAP Digital in 2018:

Connected-customer experiences at “In the past, we’ve delegated the task of finding information or products online to our customers,” said Schulte. “Now we’re going to make sure they have a seamless experience that delivers what they need, when they need it.”

SAP Digital will continue to work closely with the team to find ways to provide customers with a more compelling, better integrated discovery and purchase process, of SAP and partner offerings. The goal is to bring integrated checkout to, so customers can transact directly from a product page.

SAP Digital is also designing a simple and clear digital way for SAP to interact with customers that adds long-term value, embedded with This will provide customers transparency into their SAP engagements and personalized online self-services around account data, subscriptions, products, contracts, interactions and actions like renewals.

Partner and indirect sales enablement. Enabling SAP partners to better sell software by providing them end-to-end, simplified and automated processes that support the interaction between SAP, a partner, and their customers. This is already possible for SAP Business One partners, SAP Business ByDesign partners, and others will be added.

Making more of the existing SAP portfolio digitally transactable. The SAP Digital team accelerated the pace of onboarding new solutions to the SAP Store in 2017, growing the portfolio during the year by more than 70 percent. They are now setting sights on enabling a large majority of the existing SAP portfolio to be digitally transactable.

*Forrester: U.S. B2B eCommerce Will Hit $1.2 Trillion By 2021, June 5, 2017