After a successful launch in the United States, Ruum by SAP is now entering the German market with the Project Management as a Service solution.

Everybody is constantly juggling 20 different topics at work. Naturally, we expect technology to support us with project management, but far too often it becomes more overhead than relief. Project management software is extremely complex, expensive, and not connected to existing business systems, which causes project managers to jump back and forth between different tools.

Ruum is tackling this problem with a simple project management solution that allows its users to focus on what really matters — moving their projects forward.

How Does Ruum Work?

Users of Ruum get access to a lightweight project management workspace, including intuitive lobby, canvas, and timeline views. In less than 10 seconds, Ruum’s lobby feature provides an overview of all open topics, as well as a summary of all activity that took place since the user’s last login. The canvas allows for easy task management, file storage, and email integration to help ensure that the entire team knows what to do and has access to the required information. The timeline provides a quick overview of the project’s status, including each team member’s activity and contribution to help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Simple project management solution @ruumapp allows you to focus on what really matters: moving projects forward

Users of Ruum are also supported by a digital project manager, ‘Ada,’ who takes over automatic follow-ups on their behalf. Ada provides daily briefings on milestones, deadlines, and important changes. The digital assistant also takes over check-ins with all team members and makes sure they deliver on the designated tasks without delay. In addition, Ruum provides powerful integrations to other business systems, allowing users to plug project management on top of existing business processes.

The Team Behind Ruum

The Berlin-based Ruum team is working day and night to deliver a ‘zero overhead’ project management solution for people around the globe.

“We’ve seen great adoption of Ruum in the U.S. market already, and we’re extremely excited to serve customers in our home country Germany,“ explains co-founder Florian Frey. Together with Stefan Ritter, he founded Ruum in 2016 and secured seed funding for incubation in the SAP.iO Venture Studio.

For more information, visit the Ruum by SAP website and follow Ruum on Twitter at @ruumapp.