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Equipping your workforce with the right digital skills is a critical first step in the digital transformation of your business. A project of this magnitude involves a lot more than just implementing technology.

It requires people with the skills to understand how to use these new technologies to create competitive advantage and build entirely new customer experiences and business models. To acquire this knowledge within your organization, you will need to roll out a suitable learning architecture and introduce new workforce skills. This requires a supportive learning environment, a company culture of continuous learning, and a range of flexible learning options.

Closing the Digital Skills Gap

In a recent study by Technical University Munich (TUM), 64% of companies surveyed said that they do not have the people with the skills necessary for digital transformation. Surprisingly, however, only 16% of companies have a skill development strategy in place to either up-skill current employees or acquire new employees with the needed skill profiles. As these numbers show, the digital skills gap poses a serious challenge for businesses today. The hard reality is that a lack of digital skills is the number one barrier organizations face for digital transformation.

Building a Skill Development Plan

Have you assessed what up-skilling your workforce needs for current roles, as well as for learning new job roles? Do you have a skill development plan in place to identify and close skill gaps across your organization?

We’re here to help you build a skill development plan that provides a scalable learning experience and blends digital and live training. We’ve developed a series of webinars on How to Acquire the Skills for a Successful Digital Transformation, where we’ll share best practices for developing the skills that are most critical, including digital security, data analytics, and cloud computing, and more.

You will find out how to accelerate onboarding, adoption, and ongoing proficiency among roles involved in implementation and deployment with tailored digital learning resources. Individual webinars will focus on important topics including digital security, data analytics, cloud computing, and more, to give you a better understanding of what is needed to build essential skills in each of these areas.

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  • April 23 and 24: Skills for a Successful Digital Transformation
  • April 26: Digital Security
  • May 3: Data Science
  • May 17: SAP Cloud Platform

Bernd Welz is the executive vice president and chief knowledge officer at SAP SE.

This story originally appeared on the SAP Community.