SAP and Global Digital Women Join Forces to Promote and Inspire Women

SAP is joining forces with Global Digital Women (GDW), an international network of female digital pioneers who offer women in technology across industries a platform to exchange ideas and increase their visibility.

The two will jointly host a series of global events for women from SAP and beyond and provide a platform to exchange, network, and generate ideas on leveraging diversity for innovation.

Together, SAP and GDW will use various channels to promote and inspire women, ranging from interviews and Instagram takeovers to profile features on social media. A flagship event is planned in the SAP Data Space location in Berlin on September 4, 2018.

Global Digital Women creates opportunities for women in technical roles to expand their external network and exchange knowledge on topics like innovation, diversity, and digitalization. SAP is a strong advocate for an inclusive and diverse workforce and the collaboration is an important part of driving an inclusive mindset.

Diversity fuels innovation, and a rich mix of perspectives enhances engagement with both SAP customers and employees, and helps drive business success in a rapidly changing digital world.

By working with GDW, SAP will further solidify its efforts to be an employer of choice for women in technology across the globe, as well as uphold its commitment to building a strong pipeline of women leaders by 2020, a commitment that dates back many years. In 2017, SAP reached its goal of 25% women in management and became the first tech company to be EDGE certified.

As part of its larger efforts to support women, SAP has implemented a number of beneficial programs, including the Leadership Acceleration Program (LEAP), job sharing, management positions as part time, and even the  Dinner to Go program, where SAP employees in Germany can order and pick up their meals from the cafeterias in Walldorf and St. Leon-Rot.

Last year, the Products & Innovation organization began a “Women in Technology” initiative, designed to strengthen women in expert roles like developers, architects, and data scientists. In internal meet-ups, the network of techie women exchanges on topics ranging from future of work to blockchain or AI.

Sinead Kaiya is chief operating officer for Products & Innovation at SAP.
Elke Manjet is senior vice president of HR for Products & Innovation at SAP.