Tigerspike Team Challenge in Dubai: iOS Enterprise Apps for the Customer

Tigerspike delivers business value fast by taking a hands-on approach to learning and knowledge transfer when it comes to applying new technologies to solve customer needs.

The SAP global partner recently held a one-day team event at the SAP offices in Dubai to ensure that its developers were up to speed and ready with the latest version of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, a critical component for building the iOS enterprise apps that customers are increasingly turning to for enterprise mobility solutions.

Tigerspike Team Challenge in Dubai: Hackathon gives developers hands-on experience working with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

A 40-member multidisciplinary team of engineers along with UX and UI designers from Tigerspike participated in the team event, held March 29, 2018. Following a brief introduction to the SAP technology, the participants split into six teams to solve one of three possible challenges: build an app for a human resources manager to drive team morale by implementing a transparent employee rewards program; build an app to simplify the end-to-end journey of having a car serviced; or build an app for field and maintenance team management on an oil and gas field. Tigerspike’s problem-solving practice, Catalyst, was used to uncover the solutions that would complement all constraints.

The teams worked on SAP Cloud Platform, downloading data from the cloud. Using SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, they explored ways to bring the enterprise data onto a mobile device, presented with a visually-appealing user interface that incorporated the SAP Fiori for iOS design language. When questions arose, the teams could turn to an on-site coach and two remote technical experts for guidance. For more information about hackathons involving SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, see SAP Code Challenge for Enterprise iOS Apps: Build a Great iOS Enterprise App in Just Six Hours.

For the Tigerspike teams, the day provided an opportunity for hands-on work with SAP tools and technologies. “We’re taking each of these technologies and applying them to business problems to solve customer needs,” said Steve Burrows, program director, Tigerspike. “The output from today will be five or six different prototypes; using the technology to tackle, envision, and display designs; and how our code is actually getting involved with the SDK.”

At the end of the day when the judges made their final decision, it was the TigerTracks Car Servicing app that won the award for top prototype. The app provides an end-to-end, automated solution that simplifies the 13-step process for scheduling regular car maintenance, including scheduling drop-off/pick-up, parts ordering, and record maintenance. The app integrates SAP Vehicle Insights, SAP Multi-Resource Scheduling, SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP Expenditure, as well as machine learning and blockchain capabilities from SAP Leonardo, SAP’s digital innovation suite.

For more impressions from the Tigerspike Team Challenge, watch this video:

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