Since 2017, SAP has offered customers SAP Translation Hub for productive usage. With it, customers can translate user interface texts by drawing on a repository of SAP-approved translations and terminology and machine translation technology.

Even in our globalized, 21st century world, language barriers persist and in the worst case can be roadblocks. The extreme significance of language support becomes obvious where the non-governmental organization Translators without Borders helps people in need. Clearly, translation can save lives.

If people want to cross borders and broaden their horizons under normal circumstances, they have to think of ways to build bridges with the other culture. This is particularly true in business. As former German chancellor Willy Brandt put it once: “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.” Companies can only tap into new markets in the language of that market and by adapting their product to local needs.

SAP now offers customers a translation solution that opens up and shares its language expertise for worldwide use: SAP Translation Hub.  The application helps free up time to focus on more important things than translation, on the business.

Translation Solution for SAP Customers

Whether they are working on SAP Cloud Platform or SAP ERP, SAP customers worldwide now have the option to support their international business or rollout with SAP Translation Hub. Customers can use the application to translate user interface (UI) texts by drawing on a repository of SAP-approved translations and terminology, and machine translation. These translation resources can be accessed by consuming a range of application programming interfaces (APIs), or by using integrated workflow scenarios on a UI. Developers can get suggestions for their source texts during the development phase, which improves the accuracy of the texts and saves time.

The integrated workflow scenarios let people manage the translation of texts from various development environments on a single UI. The UI can also be used to carry out post-editing and review steps and to transfer the translations to the source development environment.

SAP Translation Hub in Brief

The application offers:

  • Translation of applications: With just a few clicks it provides automated translation into multiple languages for apps built in one language (for more information, see the feature scope description for SAP Translation Hub).
  • Reuse of verified translations from SAP’s vast translation experience to achieve accuracy and consistency.
  • Proposals for English UI texts and translations based on verified SAP product UI texts and machine translation.
  • Quality rating of translations so that you can increase the efficiency of translation processes.
  • Management of translations by leveraging a single UI to edit and review texts, and to set statuses to enable all involved parties to see which texts require attention.

Cut Translation Costs While Preserving Quality

Late in 2017, SAP Translation Hub won the SAP Product Excellence Award in the categories Transformation to the Cloud and Integration. The product team’s detailed information on their operational setup, the productization approach as well as the application video convinced the jury of the SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN) to choose SAP Translation Hub as winning product 2017. Close collaboration with customers has been a guiding principle of the product team. This approach has paid off, as the following customer stories show.

Utopia Global Inc.: Lower costs without compromising on translation quality
Data solutions company Utopia Global Inc. cut translation costs by 10 percent to 30 percent while preserving translation quality. Faced with rising translation costs for its software products, Utopia purchased the SAP Translation Hub license and asked SAP partner text&form to help integrate it into its translation workflow.

Axians NEO Solutions & Technology (SAP Customer for Life): Customers involved in global app development
More than 300 SAP customers in Germany trust the expertise of SAP gold partner Axians NEO Solutions & Technology. A pioneer in the fields of mobile technology, service management, and support for the SAP HANA platform, the company also offers a suite of mobile products built on SAP Cloud Platform. Previously, Axians used time-consuming manual text translation for their customers’ mobile applications. SAP Translation Hub now saves Axians time and money on translations for its mobile apps. Plus, they can now involve users from all over the globe during development and pilot testing, thus ensuring the apps meet the needs of customers from different regions and cultures.

CON GmbH & Co. KG (SAP Customer for Life): Faster rollouts at lower cost with SAP Translation Hub
Businesses know they can count on T.CON for expert implementations of SAP software. But to support customers around the globe, it was using costly and time-consuming translation services. SAP Translation Hub on SAP Cloud Platform is helping T.CON save time and money. What’s more, its customers can provide feedback in their local language during pilot phases and help improve user acceptance and customer satisfaction.

SAP SE: Use of SAP Translation Hub for SAP Notes and other scenarios
SAP uses SAP Translation Hub to translate SAP Notes and other content for which it uses neural machine translation, such as subtitling for enablement videos.

openSAP Course: SAP Translation Hub in a Nutshell

More than 5,000 people enrolled for the recent openSAP course SAP Translation Hub in a Nutshell. Though the course closed on February 21, 2018, you can still access the videos and material to learn at your own pace and complete the final exam by purchasing a reactivation code, which is available here on SAP Store. French, German, and Spanish subtitles were translated by SAP Translation Hub neural machine translation (NMT) engines.

How to Get SAP Translation Hub

SAP Translation Hub became an official item on the SAP price list in December 2017. Another purchase option is the SAP Cloud Platform consumption-based model. What’s more, every SAP Translation Hub customer has a choice and can opt for the cloud credit model instead. For more information, read the recent press release: Innovation Accelerated With New Consumption-Based Commercial Model for SAP Cloud Platform. Customers can also purchase licenses for SAP Translation Hub on SAP Store.

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