SAP Introduces Voting App for the Elaborate and Thrilling Costumes of Life Ball 2018


Creative, extravagant, and one-of-a-kind costumes are a staple to one of Europe’s biggest annual charity events, the Life Ball.

Supermodels, drag queens, and fans around the world travel to Vienna, Austria each year to strut down the runway laid in front of Vienna’s historic City Hall. The Life Ball supports those suffering from HIV or AIDS and brings in millions of dollars for AIDS research across the world.

Each year, the Life Ball jury is responsible for selecting the most impressive costumes of the night. This year, for the first time ever, the audience has the opportunity to participate using a voting app created by SAP. Guests will admire the imaginative outfits of the arriving ball guests and vote for their favorites in the “Zalando Style Contest.”

Thanks to SAP Cloud Platform, the audience’s votes cast via smartphone are aggregated immediately in real time. The audience votes collectively count as much as the vote of a member of the jury, which is comprised of international celebrities.

“The Life Ball has always been one step ahead of its time in many respects and has made a positive contribution to our society. SAP also wants to improve people’s lives in a sustainable way, and therefore supports the AIDS charity event with free cloud services. The evaluation of the best costumes becomes an exciting experience — every guest and viewer worldwide can have a say in who is selected as the winner directly via their smartphone,” says SAP Austria Managing Director, Rudi Richter.

Screenshots of the voting app for Life Ball, based on SAP Cloud Platform

Download the free Life Ball app on Friday, June 1,from the Google Play Store and
Apple App Store to access the voting page.


LIFE+ is the sponsoring association of the Life Ball, committed to education, information, and social and health policy development, as well as acceptance and open-mindedness in the area of HIV/AIDS. SAP is joining forces with LIFE+ to produce and share online courses focusing on the HIV/AIDS in order to increase awareness worldwide.

Life Ball Next Generation is a panel that focuses on the initiative for young adults who want to become involved in HIV and AIDS awareness. The panel will feature SAP Next-Gen ambassador Daniel Beringer; Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson and ambassador of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF); and actress Alexandra Daddario.

Participants are trained in basic medical knowledge, healthcare, sexual identities, rhetoric, and body language. After this training, they should be able to hold three-hour workshops on AIDS prevention as volunteer ambassadors at their schools.

“SAP is committed to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the fourth goal, Quality Education. With our technological know-how, we support the transfer of knowledge with the aim of combating the stigma surrounding the disease, explaining the treatment options, and preventing the further spread of HIV,” explains Richter. “Education should take place across all ages, because prevention and tolerance do not begin in adulthood. Therefore, we invite people to inform themselves about and actively participate in the SAP Next-Gen Global Challenge program.”

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