Businesses that manage geographically scattered and distributed assets — for example, plants, oil rigs, or utility stations — face formidable challenges in overseeing critical support services, like equipment condition monitoring and field operations, across multiple installations.

Unanticipated downtime and outages from equipment failure leads to loss of revenue. Each delay to making repairs that is the result of poor communication or insufficient information, such as arriving on site with the wrong service parts, further compounds losses and impacts bottom-line profitability.

SAP Asset Manager, a cloud-based iOS mobile app, provides asset-intensive businesses with a data-driven operating model based on real-time visibility across the enterprise while addressing key challenges associated with workplace safety, compliance, and productivity. Customers in asset-intensive industries benefit from the power of real-time access to enterprise data combined with the intuitive user experience of an iOS application.

Digital Transformation: Real-Time Visibility, Increased Productivity, Agility

SAP Asset Manager leverages the digital core with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform, combined with the advanced capabilities of SAP Leonardo. For asset-intensive businesses, digital transformation calls for an integrated approach that uses sophisticated, remote, sensor-based monitoring and analysis to provide real-time insight into collected data. SAP Asset Manager empowers businesses to dynamically respond to new information coming in from the field by harnessing the powerful capabilities and integration of SAP Cloud Platform with the real-time insight of SAP S/4HANA.

With SAP Asset Manager, these businesses can manage work orders, notifications, condition monitoring, material consumption, time management, and failure analysis across a distributed asset network in real-time. Previous gaps in predictive maintenance and parts inventory and delivery processes are replaced with data-driven actionable insight.

Proper maintenance of assets gives businesses the measurable means to drive compliance and sustainability by extending the life of critical machinery, keeping maintenance costs down, proactively addressing regulatory and environmental concerns, and eliminating unanticipated downtime.

In addition, businesses benefit from enhanced workplace safety by making the full range of data available on site for the highly skilled workers who maintain these assets. For these mobile-connected workers, having the right data on device enables them to perform their jobs safely and effectively — so that they can “fix it on the first visit.”

Enterprise Mobility Strategy: Empowering the Mobile Worker

Businesses are increasingly looking to enterprise mobility as an integral part of their digital transformation strategy. Gartner forecasts that by 2022, approximately 70 percent of all software interactions in the enterprise will occur on mobile devices. For asset-intensive businesses, SAP Asset Manager presents an opportunity to implement an enterprise mobility strategy that increases productivity by empowering the mobile-connected worker; provides real-time visibility across the enterprise from the field to the back office; and improves flexibility and agility to respond to business demands and changing dynamics.

“Mobile worker applications help improve field worker productivity and customer engagement by arming them with better and more timely information,” says Dean Galvez, chief information officer, Snohomish County Public Utility District.

SAPPHIRE NOW: iOS for Manufacturing

This week, SAP Asset Manager is being presented within the iOS for Manufacturing demo at the Industries Experience Area at SAPPHIRE NOW, booths IN115–IN118. SAP Asset Manager is available in the Apple App Store at SAP Asset Manager for iPad.

SAP Asset Manager 2.0 is planned to be available by end of June 2018. The new release will include the field operations worker role in addition to the maintenance worker role, and will support both SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 and SAP S/4HANA. Watch for further enhancements to SAP Asset Manager later this year, including planned support for linear asset management plus new capabilities for field operations worker and integration into SAP Asset Central.