SAPPHIRE NOW: Insurance Sector Wrap Up

With world-renowned industry leaders, incredible music from Justin Timberlake, and all of the show floor events, anyone who attended SAPPHIRE NOW this year took home great memories and incredible insights.

For those in the insurance sector, we really brought home the importance of innovative solutions throughout the event. Let’s look at some of the best moments and content gathered during SAPPHIRE NOW.

The Advanced Digital Innovation in Financial Services Keynote

Let’s start with the incredible experience of the Advanced Digital Innovation in Financial Services keynote address. This keynote helped to put a face on SAP solutions. During the presentation, representatives from PayPal and elseco stepped forward to talk about the implementation of SAP S/4HANA into their systems.

The keynote was insightful in exploring just how much the industries have moved toward efficient digital models and processes. We got an in-depth view into what transformations are happening and how these organizations are capturing returns as a direct result.

Swiss Re Finance Session

For many, the Swiss Re Session was perhaps one of the most innovative. During the Transform and Innovate Finance by Taking a Holistic Approach presentation, we gained key insights into how the Swiss Re Group, a leading global reinsurer, is innovating.

We specifically learned how it is possible to make digital transformation a success by linking a solid financial foundation of process and solutions to innovative options. To achieve this, Swiss Re has created a holistic portfolio of financial software from SAP. The company uses it to innovate its IFRS reporting methods with forward-looking analytics. And, when it does so, the company gains incredible insight and bottom line benefits.

Bob Cummings Shares the Intelligent Enterprise

In a show floor interview with Bob Cummings we tapped into how the intelligent enterprise is impacting the insurance industry. He noted how this enterprise is built virtually around the insurance industry because of its ability to pull in a variety of data — such as customer, weather, and day-to-day events — to empower insurers to make quicker and better decisions.

We also learned how this type of data access is allowing the insurance industry to move towards becoming a protection service and away from a financial service. It’s key to see just how valuable and transformative this can be for every insurer.


One of the most important components of SAPPHIRE NOW is always the demos, which really allow insurance executives to see SAP solutions in action and understand just how powerful and accessible they can be to an insurer. In this demo with Jim, we got an inside, hands-on look at how these applications are virtually transforming insurers.

Specifically, in this demo, we learned about the core insurance predictive capabilities available today. This aids the insurance industry in fraud prevention, a key concern for anyone in the industry today. We also saw, screenshot-by-screenshot, how the solution can help to accurately predict customer behavior and improve insurance processes.

Perhaps most important, at each of the demos throughout the event we saw how versatile and easy-to-implement the solutions can be. They’re transforming business models without delay, deep learning curves, or over-the-top technical limitations.

If you didn’t get to attend the SAPPHIRE NOW event, check out all of the conference replays online. Hear how SAP is leading customer experience innovations across the globe and empowering the insurance industry to optimize its performance and operations.

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